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Things to Know Before You Rent a Moving Truck

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Rent a Moving Truck

What to Know About Moving Truck Rentals

If you’re planning your DIY move across the country, or even if you’re moving to the street around the corner, then you might be interested in DIY moving truck rentals.

Let's take a look at how you should prepare yourself before renting a moving truck. There are quite a few considerations when you rent a moving truck. Taking these things likely could cause you to have an unpleasant moving experience. It may sound obvious but you want to hire one of the best moving truck rental companies.

Forgoing a reputable moving company will put a lot on your shoulders. It would be best if you made sure that doing all the physical labor isn't too much to handle. If you're confident that's the case, then you should be okay.

Know All The Details of Your Move

You should want to make your life as simple as possible when you’re moving from one home to another. So it’s handy to know specific details about your move so that the company your getting your DIY truck rental from can give you an accurate quote so that you’re not going to be overspending.

Know Your Moving Timetable and If You Can Be Flexible

One of the things you’re going to need to think about is your timetable. Knowing when you’re picking up your moving truck and when you’re dropping it back off at the company will be crucial.

The best way to figure these things out is to know the dates of when you’re going to need the truck and when you’re going to be done. However, these dates may not necessarily be on the same date, depending on how complex your move will end up being.

Knowing if you have some wiggle room may land you a better quote since you can be much more flexible, which these companies love.

Make Sure to Budget For Your DIY Moving Truck

As discussed, the cost of a DIY moving truck can fluctuate based on how long you’re going to be needing it. Other things like the distance and the size of the truck you require will also affect the price.

Although these things can be worked out, just know that you could spend anywhere from $200 to $3000 on a moving truck for your DIY home move. Make sure you’re budgeting for this, and you do not end up coming short.

Know What Needs to Go on The Truck

Knowing how much room you're going to need on the truck is vital. You don’t want to leave your sofa at your old house if you can’t fit it on the back of the moving truck. This sort of thing can quickly be figured out, though, thanks to technology.

So make sure everything is accounted for so you know what size truck you’re going to want to be reserved. Knowing what you will be bringing with you is a significant part of learning how to prepare to move.

Figure Out How Far You’re Going to Be Traveling

It will be helpful to know how far you’re going to need to travel in your truck so the company can give you a much more accurate quote.

Finding the distance is pretty simple. Put your old and new address into Google, and you will be able to find the shortest route available.

Don’t Forget About Your Car

You might be shipping your car, driving it, having your friend drive it, or towing it behind the moving truck. Whatever the case may be, you should have some plan in place, so you know what you’re doing.

There are many considerations before shipping a car.

Compare Moving Truck Companies

Now that you have all your details for your move, it’s a good time to start looking for companies that can give you a quote on a DIY moving truck. Don’t forget to shop around when doing so.

Doing so will mean you’re getting the best possible moving quote, which at the end of the day maybe only a couple of $. But if it means you can buy an extra ornament for the fireplace, then so be it.

Don’t Forget to Book Your DIY Truck in Advance

Booking in advance will mean you’ll get exactly what you need on the date you need it at the best possible price. Because timing matters to moving companies, we would recommend booking at least a month in advance.

If you end up booking your truck at the last possible minute, you may not be able to get the size of the truck you need, which will throw off and ruin the rest of your timetable.

Make Sure You Have Adequate Insurance

Driving a moving truck is very different from the everyday automobile you drive, and the reality is accidents do happen, regardless of how much you try to avoid them.

Whether it’s damage to the moving truck itself or the contents inside, repairs and replacements can often come to high prices that were are sure you probably don’t want to go paying entirely out of your pocket.

Your regular car insurance may not cover this either, so it’s good to find this sort of information out from your insurer and what you can do to ensure you can be covered during your up-and-coming move.

Decide on The Equipment You’re Going to Need

Figure out how many boxes you’re going to need and whether or not you’re going to sneak around your parent’s home to steal some plastic containers. Next, you should be determining if you’re going to need some specific moving equipment.

This sort of thing comes in handy if you’ve got a piano to move. Many DIY truck companies offer things like dollies, hand trucks, and furniture pads, so make sure you inquire about those before you rent your moving truck.

They will be seriously a real-life time saver.

Don’t Forget About The Small Things

Lastly, you’re going to want to take care of all the logistics that are a normal part of any DIY truck move to make sure you’re as prepared as possible:

MAP OUT YOUR MOVE: make sure you just know the route you’re going to be traveling, so it is less stressful when you have to drive a huge moving truck for miles upon miles. Trucks are usually fitted with a GPS of some sort but make sure you bring your own (smartphone) and a charger.

ORDER A MOVING PERMIT: Some cities across the country require you to have a moving permit to park your truck in the street. Usually, this is something your DIY moving truck company will help you take care of, though.

KNOW HOW TO PACK THE TRUCK: this is something you just be planning in your mind beforehand, just to make things a lot smoother. Essentially, you’re going to want to put the heaviest stuff right at the back and all the more minor, lighter things at the front.

DON’T FORGET TO FILL THE GAS TANK: Before returning your truck, you’re going to want to fill it up, or you may risk paying a fine.

Final Thoughts

Moving is challenging work. When you decide to forgo the professionals, you'll have far more responsibilities. Hopefully, these tips for renting your moving truck will offer some assistance in making things go more smoothly.

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