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What's to Love About Upton Massachusetts

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Upton Massachusetts

When you begin looking to purchase a home in Massachusetts, you discover that there are a number of different towns and communities to choose from. Each has special qualities that lend to its appeal, but nowhere is this more true than in Upton. Small in size but generous in what it offers, Upton draws numerous families and professionals from larger nearby cities. This little town is a big draw for those that want the most bang for their buck and the many benefits of small town life.

Things to love about Upton

Large lots – For those wishing to experience the quaint beauty of a New England town, there are a number of options throughout Massachusetts. However, many of these towns offer limited space when buying a home and the parcel of land it resides on. Those choosing to put down roots in Upton, though, benefit from a different set of zoning rules than many other towns in the area. The town has zoning laws in place that result in large home lots – typically around 2 acres or 80,000 square feet in size. These larger lot sizes mean residents get an unprecedented level of privacy along with all the other benefits of small town New England life.

History – Originally the area now known as Upton was inhabited by the Nipmuc tribe, who at one time lived across most of central Massachusetts. Settlers came to the area in 1728 and officially incorporated the town only seven years later – in 1735.

The most prominent family to rise up in the area over the next 50 years was the Taft family. One of the better known members of the family was Samuel Taft, who fought in the American Revolutionary War and eventually had 22 children. Samuel Taft was a major character in Upton – where he hosted the first president of the United States when George Washington toured the New England area in 1789.

Boots and shoes and hats – Those interested in the history of New England manufacturing will note that Upton was a major player in the boot and shoe industry for over 100 years. The area at first was the home of a number of smaller shoe shops. These shops were called “ten-footers” and produced both boots and shoes for residents in the Upton area and surrounding communities. Eventually, though, these smaller manufacturers were brought into larger facilities that became more assembly-line based. By 1837 Upton was responsible for almost 22% of all boots made in the county of Worcester.

A man named William Knowlton took area manufacturing in a slightly different direction around 1860, focusing on making hats and bonnets. In 1872 he would build the Knowlton Hat Factory. This factory would become the largest maker of women's hats in the world for the next 90 years – housing over 1,000 workers and putting out a range of products that had mass appeal. Even today, the Knowlton Hat Factory is remembered as a monument in the area, with the National Historic Register adding it to the list of U.S. historic sites in 1982.

Real Estate in Upton Massachusetts

Real estate – Upton offers incredible value for the savvy home shopper. As mentioned before, the zoning in Upton creates a real estate market where you can often find larger plots than you would in other towns, many of them at prices that are comparable to smaller lots in other towns of similar size. This means you can often get more property for the same amount of money.

You can find condominiums in Upton that fall into the mid two hundred thousands as well as a range of single-family homes that are priced between the two hundreds and the seven hundreds. The average home price in Upton is in the three hundred to three hundred and fifty thousand price point, although there are certainly properties available that would be considered luxury. Whatever you have to spend, there is a good chance you can find the home you are looking for in this particular town.

It is important to note, though, that the best way to find exactly what you are looking for within your budget is to discuss your options with a Realtor familiar with Upton. In fact if you are looking to work with a market expert, I have been one of the top Upton Massachusetts Real Estate agents, for the past twenty eight years. My experience as an Upton Realtor has allowed me to sell numerous homes and condominiums in town over the years. With so many years experience, I know the Upton real estate market like the back of my hand!

The market is constantly changing and the real deals are often gone before the average person even knows they are there. With a skilled real estate agent working for you such as myself, however, you will have the inside scoop on exactly what is happening at any given moment. This will greatly increase your odds of finding the ideal home for your needs.

If you have a home to sell I offer cutting edge marketing that focuses on delivering what most sellers expect including brilliant photography, a well optimized real estate website, and attention to details in all marketing write ups and material. Additional focuses include the use of social media marketing along with video and slideshow presentations. There is no stone left unturned when trying to sell your Upton home!

Schools - Upton shares a regional school system with neighboring Mendon Massachusetts. Years ago the school system had a poor reputation but has grown stronger in recent years not only from an influx of new blood into the community but also by building dramatically better infrastructure. The Upton-Mendon school system would now be classified as being young. Residents now expect their children to receive an excellent education here.

Location – Upton is an excellent small town for those wishing to commute to nearby Worcester. The larger city can be reached by car in less than 30 minutes – making it a reasonable commute time for anyone who owns an automobile. It is worth noting that Upton is not directly off of a major highway although not too far away in neighboring Hopkinton you will find the Route 495 interchange.

So, while the town is only 14 miles from Worcester, it still takes half an hour to drive to the bigger city. This is beneficial to those who want to live in a small town away from the traffic, congestion and higher population density of larger cities but still wants access to what Worcester has to offer. If you are commuting to Boston you are looking at about a 50-55 minute drive depending on the time of day.

Not everyone finds the lack of major highway access appealing – but this is exactly why others consider Upton ideal. The possibility of significant growth, or losing the small-town feel of the town, is unlikely. Upton sits in a sweet spot – close enough to Worcester and Boston to work, shop and play, but far enough to guarantee Upton's ongoing status as a small town.

Come take a look at what Upton Massachusetts and the real estate market has to offer!


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