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Why Real Estate Pros Need Quality Blogs

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Why a Real Estate Agent Should Have a Blog

The Importance of Having a Real Estate Blog

It’s SEO 101--your site needs fresh content to improve your organic search ranking. It’s as simple as that. If you have time, and if you are a talented writer, you can handle the task of creating content yourself; if not, you’ll need to find someone that can do it for you, and this will cost money.

But in addition to merely propelling your site’s organic search ranking, there are other benefits to real estate content marketing, and we’ve identified seven significant reasons for investing in quality content.


You always need more clients. A very intelligent businessman named Ron Vogt succinctly described the problems all enterprises face when he said, “business fades.” He meant that, for various reasons beyond your control, customers and clients quit. They get sick, they die, they get fired, they no longer need your service, or they may disappear for many other reasons. (An article from Onsight gets thoroughly into this issue.) Their departure means that you have to replace them or your business will ultimately fail.

A great and current content piece (this could also be awesome video content for email campaigns) on your site can connect with those looking to sell there home, buy a different one, event their apartment or buy an investment property.

Even if the article is as simple as “Trends in Interest Rates Today,” if it’s engaging and well-written it may be enough for the reader to hit the “contact us” button.

Life with You

Home sellers want an experienced real estate professional they can trust, and while you know that you fit that description, prospective clients do not. An article that explains exactly how you sell a property can be invaluable. Explain what the first client meeting is like and what you expect to learn. Talk about your client relationship style—how you like to be contacted, when you can be reached and how quickly you will respond. The best voicemail message we ever heard went something like this:

“This is Paul Johnson. Since you have reached my voicemail, this means that I am working with another client at the moment. If you call me before 4:00 p.m. any day of the week, I promise to get back to you within three hours. If you call me after 9:00 p.m., I promise to call you back promptly the next morning.” If this is an emergency, please text me and explain what is going on, and I will respond as necessary.”

If you invest in an article that frankly and nicely explains exactly how you do business, you will be rewarded with clients. Another great topic is explaining the difference between a real estate agent and a Realtor. Most consumers have no clue that there is a difference. The words "Realtor", "Real Estate agent", and "broker" are often used interchangeably even though they have vastly different meanings.


Identify a problem and tell the world that you know how to fix it. If you find those down payments are a continual problem for your clients, write an article about down payment assistance programs, where to find them and how to apply for them.

Good and accurate articles that offer solutions to problems will not only reassure your clients that you are a problem solver but will also speak to those that are on the fence and help them decide to become clients.

For example, if you’re looking to win a listing for a place in an expensive city like Columbus, you might consider sharing rent reports like this one with the potential client to show them the value of ownership in that city and how they can potentially earn from their investment.

Tips and Tricks

People love what they think is insider information. In the real estate business this can be:

1. FAQ's from home buyers. Seeing questions that buyer's commonly ask can be extremely helpful.
2. How to really stage your home for a sale.
3. The real reason people like 15-year mortgages.
4. Are there mortgage programs available for first-time home buyers? Buyers are always wondering if there are specific financing packages that can assist them.
5. Is it possible to get a loan with a bad credit score? What kind of loan you can get with a 620 credit score.
6. How to really repair a credit report.
7. Former landlords tell all: the real risks of renting to students.

You get the idea. If you can offer special and seemingly hard-to-find information, real estate content marketing can work for you. Any information that readers feel is “Insider information” makes them even more likely to devour your articles. The first time you saw the site Business Insider, what did you think?

Overcome Those Objections

Maybe you run into a lot of potential DIY clients that don’t want to pay you $30,000 to sell that $500,000 home. A nice article about the difficulties of selling your home without a licensed professional can make many potential DIYers think differently. We’re sure that you have some title company horror stories about for-sale-by-owner mishaps, and those would be great to share in a fresh and concise blog.

Current Client Trust

Current clients need to know that you are on top of your game. They need reassurance that they have chosen the proper person to represent them, and a shoddy website with outdated content will quickly work against you. If your site is sharp with excellent and meaningful content, your current clients will feel better about your skills and their relationships with you.

This is especially important if your contract contains a cancellation provision where clients can leave you after a few days with no consequences. If your first meeting was great but a subsequent look at your website is disappointing, those new clients could flee in a hurry.

Create Partnerships

Lead generation strategies can be hugely impactful to your business. But referrals are key in any business, and great content can help other real estate professionals realize that you are out there and available. If your niche is selling fixer-uppers, a title company rep, a mortgage broker, or even a satisfied customer can send business to you but only if they know that’s where your strength is. A site that contains great articles about the process of locating, buying, remodeling and selling these types of properties can help get the word out that you are the person needed to handle those types of transactions.

The days of putting an annual ad in the local Yellow Page phone directory are long gone. Marketing is something that has to be done continuously and consistently, and your site is a great tool. If you don’t have current, lively and accurate content, however, your chances of being found in a random search are greatly lessened.

Therefore, don’t be afraid to spend money on quality content. Check out your competitors’ sites and you’ll see plenty of examples of bad content; make sure that your site only contains the best.

About the author:  The article on why real estate pros need quality blogs was written by Sam Radbil. Sam is an author at ABODO Apartments, an online apartment marketplace that helps renters find apartments all across the country. ABODO reports on rent rates, the changing of real estate markets and trends within the real estate industry

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