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Why Technology is Important as a Real Estate Agent

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Real Estate Technology

The Best Real Estate Agents Use Technology in Their Business

Historically, there haven’t been many tech solutions for real estate agents to utilize. However, on the other hand, a recent study from the National Association of Realtors found that 99% of millennials (90% of baby boomers) begin their home search online.

This is a clear reason real estate agents should be online as well. Technology has the power to significantly enhance the role of a real estate agent.

By researching and finding the best applications, you can improve and strengthen your brand and business. There are so many ways the internet can assist you on your way to success. Keep in mind sellers are expecting a detailed my marketing plan, not someone who is going to throw their home into the Multiple listing service like a flat fee MLS agent does, and that's it. Consumers want to know they are getting their bang for the buck.

Read below for some tips and information to get you started.

Showing a home

Technology can ease your mind when it comes to preparing a home for showing. There can be a lot that goes into these events to ensure you are presenting the house the best possible way—from placing the furniture in the most flattering arrangement to making sure you have enough decorations to feel homey, every detail counts.

In today’s socially distanced world, there are some new obstacles. Buyers are more hesitant to tour a new home. This adds another dimension to what you need to prepare as a real estate agent.

Cleaning supplies should be present around the house. Between showings, be sure to completely detox the home to help ease potential buyers’ minds. Tech can help you with this! Have the cleaning essentials delivered to the location, instead of taking time out of your busy schedule to obtain all of the supplies. This way, you’re free to arrange the rooms while simultaneously ensuring the clients feel safe.

Bonus tip: If your client is still hesitant to tour, there are ways to virtually showcase the living space! Between Facebook live to 3D technology, there are new ways to interact with the property.

Utilizing social media exposure

Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram will be your best friend. However, Facebook may be the most helpful as a real estate agent. Not only is this the perfect hub where your key demographic is waiting, but there are also ample business features built right into the platform. Not to mention the Facebook ads that allow you to specifically target your ideal clients.

Don’t forget to utilize the Live feature as well. Panning your video across the room while simultaneously answering live questions from potential buyers could be the reason for a successful sale in the future.

Although Linkedin is a typical B2B platform, this is an excellent place for you to network with fellow agents and showcase your industry experience. This is also the perfect place to learn from your peers.

Bouncing ideas off one another will drastically improve your knowledge in the field. Lastly, utilize your Instagram profile! Instagram is a great up and coming platform for agents to utilize. The Stories feature is a perfect way to tease clients on the houses you have in your queue. Not to mention, celebrating your client's sale with a post is an ideal opportunity to make them feel special!

Creating your schedule

There are endless organization tools on the internet. Getting yourself prepared and scheduling out your days is detrimental as a real estate agent. With so many different moving parts, having an application that you trust and compliments the effort you put in is so important.

To become a successful agent, you have to establish a competitive advantage over all other agents. This can be tough to accomplish, but using organizational tools is the first step in the right direction. There are many customer relationship tools too that will improve your management skills as well as increase the opportunity for your client to rehire you in the future. For a list of potential tools to use in this regard, refer here.

Managing your customer relations

Keeping track of your prospects, clients, and networking contacts are crucial as a real estate agent. As you grow your client list as well as the contacts you make, it is essential to have a system in place on how to keep track of these relationships. Kind gestures, such as congratulatory notes on your clients’ anniversaries, are a great way to retain the clients for future business.

Luckily, there are customer relationship management tools specifically tailored to a real estate agent’s role. For example, Wise Agent is the perfect tool to ensure success. Not only does Wise Agent assist you with transaction management, but with lead generation and marketing as well. This tech-tool will also integrate with your Gmail account, DocuSign, and Facebook.

Leveraging a marketing tool

Leveraging your brand online will give you a significant edge in the real estate market. This unique and innovative marketing method will set you apart from the competition.

For example, create a niche website! You will establish a local online presence and tap into a specific market. However, it’s essential to be conscious of limiting your market. If you don’t want to go completely niche, find a local hotspot, and make a niche portion of your site.

However, you choose to leverage marketing online, always think beyond the real estate space. Marketing online for agents can be challenging due to the lack of opportunities, so it’s crucial that you push the envelope and explore marketing strategies in other spaces and mold them to fit your game plan.

While the real estate industry has changed significantly since the addition of the internet and technology, there are still many ways to ensure success. It is a great tool to leverage and support your efforts. Educate yourself as well as the consumers, and see your prosperity increase.

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About the author: The above article on why technology is vital as a real estate agent was written by Rachel Butler. Rachel has focused her creative efforts on the different ways technology has impacted all areas of business. When she’s not researching the latest online trends, you can find her working on her home improvement projects!

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