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Why You Should Buy a Home In Massachusetts

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From Boston to Worcester, and all the smaller cities and towns in between, Massachusetts offers so much to potential home buyers. Whether you are looking for country living or quick access to the city, there are homes available that will put you right where you want to be. Great employment opportunities, cultural diversity, museums, art, entertainment – the state has it all


Boston is what the state is best known for, and one of the main attractions to those both in Massachusetts and those new to the area. This city is one of the oldest in the country. It is the capital of the state and also the largest city in New England. As of 2014, it had a population of just under 650,000, which makes it number 24 in the list of largest cities in the country. However, when you take into account the metropolitan area that surrounds it – known as Greater Boston – it becomes the tenth-largest metropolitan are in the U.S.

The city's size and importance makes it the crown jewel of Massachusetts. Whether you want to finest shopping available, the most authentic ethnic cuisines, or some of the oldest cultural landmarks in the country, Boston has it.

Boston's storied history means there are a huge number of attractions to visit and explore. Boston Common, Fenway Park, Boston Harbor, Museum of Fine Arts – you can spend years exploring the various things to see and do here.

The city also offers some of the best colleges and universities in the nation. It is considered a lead innovator in a number of industries, and although the cost of living is high, the city retains a high livability score.


Not everyone wants to live in the heart of the city, though. For many home buyers, the most appealing part about Massachusetts is the Metrowest area which is about thirty miles west of Boston. Buying a home in this part of the state allows you to choose the kind of environment you want to live in, while still giving you access to all the benefits of Boston.

Some of the more popular towns in the Metrowest area include Milford, Framingham, Southborough and Franklin. In order to give you a broad view of the area I have selected four towns that are not all that similar. These towns are featured because of their diverse nature.

A couple of these towns offer a more rural feel including Franklin and Southborough, while Milford and Framingham have more of a city feel to them. Each of these towns are very different from one another for a number of reasons including atmosphere, pricing and location. Follow along for a summary of each of these communities and be sure to take a look at the references for a more detailed feel of each.


Milford is a town that offers great, affordable housing options. With just under 30,000 people living there, it has a genuine small town feel. When you are wanting to purchase a house that won't break the bank, want the peace and quiet of a smaller town, but still want to be able to get to Boston in less than an hour – Milford is ideal. It is located along Interstate 495, which makes commuting a breeze. Yet, at 40 miles from Boston, you are far removed from the noise and hectic lifestyle of the city. You can learn more about the town by visiting our Milford real estate agents guide which will give you a very detailed overlook of what you can expect when visiting Milford.


Framingham is notably different than Milford. With a population of a little less than 70,000 people, this town gives more of a city feel than Milford. In 2012 CNN Money Magazine ranked it #36 on its 'Best Places to Live in US' list. Framingham, due to its size and population, gives you a lot more dining and entertainment options than some smaller towns. It is also a great town for commuting to the bigger city of Boston, at only 22.7 miles from the city and around a 36 minute commute. Have a look at the Framingham Realtors guide for more guidance on what this town has to offer home buyers. If you like the feel of a city but want to be in the suburbs Framingham could very well be an excellent choice.


Sometimes when you are looking to buy a home outside of the city, you really want to get out of the concrete landscape and into the rural countryside. Southborough offers this. You can get away from it all, yet still live in something that you can be proud of. There are some truly luxurious options in Southborough, nestled in the beauty of the Massachusetts landscape. This is another town that offers excellent commuting options, at only 28 miles from Boston and around a 37 minute drive. You can see our Southborough Massachusetts real estate guide where you will find a ton of information on why Southborough is considered one of the "blue chip" communities of Metrowest.


Franklin stands out for its great mix of housing choices. We also have a Franklin Mass Real Estate agents guide that provides an overview of the real estate market along with detailed demographics. Franklin is a town where you can buy an affordable condominium, or you can find something much larger and more luxurious. It's really up to you. The town offers plenty of shopping and is also located on the commuter rail line. Which means you don't even have to mess with traffic when you want to head into the city. These are among the many reasons Franklin has become a destination town for many home buyers.

There's a Reason People Choose Massachusetts

The housing options in Massachusetts, and in the Metrowest area in particular, are a major draw to people looking to buy homes on the east coast. Boston is one of the greatest cities in the world, and living in the Metrowest gives you easy access to it – for both work and for fun. You can find a home that is within your price range, but is large enough to actually live comfortably in. You can also choose the kind of environment you really want to put down roots in, whether that's a rural area or a small city.

Massachusetts offers home buyers a lot of variety, and the opportunity to find something that balances expense with practicality. It is a win-win situation for home buyers, which explains why so many people are flocking here to purchase a home.

If you are interested in buying a Metrowest home, contact a real estate agent that knows the area well. A good agent will know all the pros and cons of each location, and will be able to help you find exactly what you are looking for, at a price you can afford. You can also visit this Metrowest real estate resource for an overview of additional towns in the area that could be worth considering. A few of the towns not featured above include Ashland, Hopkinton, Holliston, Medway, Westborough, Northbridge, Upton, Grafton and Shrewsbury. What you will find fairly unique about the area is how dramatically different the same house can be from town to town. Buyers often have to make sacrifices based on the town they select and what they can afford. The beauty is the fact there is something for everyone!

Additional Helpful Resources For Popular Massachusetts Towns

Use the above real estate resources to learn more about some of the most popular communities in the Metrowest region!

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