Moving to Vegas? Don't Forget Your Coat

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Winter Day in Las Vegas

Las Vegas locals have been torturing friends in cold climates this Winter. You may have already seen pictures of sunny days by the pool.

High temperatures over the past two weeks have been in the 70s. A couple of days reached 80 degrees. Imagine the surprise this morning when some Las Vegans looked outside to find an inch or so of white stuff on their lawns. Not everyone was "blessed" with the powder. Some of the neighborhoods near the base of the Mountains saw snow. Folks near the Strip could see it on the Mountain tops. This morning, kids living in the Western edge of Summerlin got to build snowmen and throw snowballs at each other. The snow in the neighborhoods was gone by the afternoon.

The nearby Red Rock Conservation area received between 4 and 5 inches of snow. Locals and tourists drove out to see the snow on the famous Red Rock Mountains. They were still covered with snow late in the afternoon. All three of the National news crews were out filming the rare event. On top of the snow, three teen-age hikers got lost on Sunday afternoon. The reporters were out to see them rescued this afternoon.

The Las Vegas Ski Resort on Mt. Charleston had ten inches of snow. Mt. Charleston is half an hour Northwest of Las Vegas. The powder the storm dumped on them will extend the ski season for locals who want to hit the slopes. Golfers didn't seem to shy away from the courses today but they pulled out the Winter wear. Bear's Best Golf Course next to the Ridges of Summerlin was open today. Amazing views of the course with the Ridges luxury homes and snow on the Mountains.

If you're ready to escape the snow of a Winter climate, don't let a little snow concern you. Weather predictions have Las Vegas returning to sunny and 61 degrees tomorrow with overnight lows in the 40s. Yes, you will want to bring your Winter coats but don't expect to wear them more than a few times per year. You can leave your snow shovels and snow blowers behind. You will not be needing them when you live in Las Vegas.

Snow in Las Vegas is like the perfect house guest. It doesn't show up often. When it does show up, it stays just long enough for you to enjoy how pretty it is. And then it goes away before you can get sick of it.

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Mt. Charleston is so beautiful. How far is the Mt. Charleston from Las Vegas Debbie? I looked up some images on Google and looks like a very good ski resort when visiting Las Vegas area.

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