Best Real Estate Articles in 2019

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If you are looking for the best real estate articles in 2019, this list has plenty of great information to assist a wide variety of real estate consumers. Looking to buy a home? Want tips for selling? Doing a bit of DIY and need advice? Looking to know what your mortgage options are? There is information covering each of these areas in the articles below.

My Best Real Estate Articles in 2019 (Part 1)

Check out the long-form content (2K+ words), use the information to make an informed real estate decision, gain insight into a topic of interest, then share the article(s) so other consumers can also benefit from the tips and key advice. 

Below are 11 of my best real estate articles in 2019. I hope you find a nugget of information you can use in each of them. ~ Anita ~ 

  • Key Living Room Essentials - Each room in your home can be unique and still fit in with the overall theme you are looking for. This article on living room essentials identifies several things you should consider to make sure your living room looks its absolute best. This is especially helpful when you are getting ready to sell your home...quality staging can make a difference!
  • DIY Projects to Help Your Home Sell Faster - When you are preparing your house to put it on the local real estate market, did you know there are several DIY projects you can do that might help your home sell faster? This article outlines 3 key things you can do that will help your home stand out from the crowd and get plenty of positive buyer attention.  
  • Warning Signs When Purchasing a House - This article identifies several of the things you need to take into consideration before buying a home. Knowing what to look for and things you might want to avoid can help you from making a huge mistake. If the home you are looking to purchase has none of these warning signs, kudos to you for being observant and doing your home buyer homework.   
  • Best Paint Colors to Use When Selling Your Home - The color of your home, to include individual rooms and walls, can have a huge impact on how buyers feel about the property. You only get one opportunity to make a great first impression when selling your house so follow these tips and ensure the paint colors you use put your property in its best light!
  • Tips to Create the Ultimate Backyard - Regardless of the size of the space, each backyard has the potential to be something special. All it takes is a little creativity and the desire to build the perfect backyard (for your needs). This article will put you on the right path towards creating the ultimate backyard. 
  • Best Loan Options for Your Home Improvement Projects - Let's face it, home improvement projects can be expensive. Fortunately, if you have a good idea of what you want to accomplish, there are several loan options worth considering to ensure you get the upgrade, addition, or change you want. Which loan option is right for your home improvement needs?
  • The Top Home Design Styles - Where you live and what home style resonates with you will help drive you towards a particular style of home. This article explores 10 of the top home design styles around the country. Did yours make the list? 
  • How to Define Your Decorating Style - Do you follow a specific theme? Are you a wing it? Ecclectic? Maybe you don't believe you have a particular decorating style? Check out the detailed information in this article to help you define your decorating style and perhaps get you looking at decorating your home in a whole new way. 
  • What is a USDA Home Loan? - There seems to be a lot of real estate consumer confusion on what a USDA home loan is, who qualifies for one, and are they applicable in your local market. This article breaks it down in an easy to follow format, answering the questions above and several others related to USDA loans. 
  • Small Space Solutions - Have you ever been frustrated trying to figure out what to do with that nook in the corner, push out in your bonus room, area under the stairs, or some other small space in your home? Do not fear...there are numerous tips in this small spaces article that will not only help you solve the dilemma but get the tiny area looking great.  
  • Overseas Care Packages for Military Members - While many ship care packages to military members during the holiday season (kudos to you!), you can actually do it any time of the year. The detailed information in this post will help you as you prepare to send goodies to a loved one, friend, or just to say Thank You to deployed military members.

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