Have You Been Dreaming About Living in Colorful Colorado?

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Colorful Colorado

Colorado is not just another fly-over state in the journey from coast to coast. The Colorado lifestyle is one that embraces the outdoors and majestic mountains regardless of the weather. There is always something to do for the true outdoorsman (and woman) in Colorado and we aren’t just talking about snow skiing here.

Let’s talk first about the Denver Metro Area. This is where we live and work so we can enjoy the incredible outdoor activities that call to us in our flex time. Denver, Colorado is the State’s capital and sits at a MILE HIGH (5,280 feet above sea level). You won’t feel like you are a mile high when you simply look west of the City. From Denver you will enjoy 140 miles of incredible panoramic Rocky Mountain views and there are 200 visible peaks which soar over 13,000 feet.

The City of Denver has a population of approximately 634,265 and the Denver Metro Area consists of about 2.7 million happy campers who enjoy about 300 days of sunshine every year. Business is booming in Denver, Colorado so employment is never a problem. In December of 2014, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Denver’s unemployment rate at 4.2%. According to the office of Economic Development, The Denver Metro population is anticipated to increase by 50% to 3.9 million with 800,000 new jobs by the year 2030.

What about all that snow? Contrary to popular belief, the Denver Metro Area only sees about 10-15 inches of snow per year down in the City. With the Mile High sun beating down about 300 days per year, the snow is usually a distant memory by day two. The average daily temperature in the winter months is a mild 45 degrees. Of course, this does not apply to the Denver Mountains. This is why Colorado is home to some of the most challenging ski resorts in the country. In fact, as of today (2/24/15) Breckenridge Mountain is reporting a snow base of 66” on the slopes where the skiers are enjoying sunshine and 29 degrees.

When you finally decide to call Colorado your home, you will be faced with some big decisions. Do you spend your weekends fishing, hiking, boating, skiing, hunting, golfing or simply taking in the sights. There is so much to do in this beautiful state. It is only about 2 ½ hour drive west to reach your favorite mountain ski resort from the heart of Denver. With the mild temperatures, golf courses are open year long. If the greens are free of snow, you can play. Or maybe you want to enjoy a warm summer day with an action packed white water rafting trip down one of the clear water rivers.

There are few recreational activities that are not accommodated in Colorful Colorado. Ok – maybe surfing is out of the picture, but the list of other exciting adventures goes on and on.

Here are some Fun Facts About Colorful Colorado For You to Enjoy:

• Capital: Denver
• Flower: Rocky Mountain Columbine
• Tree: Blue Spruce
• Animal: Big Horn Sheep
• Fish: Greenback Cut-throat Trout
• Insect: Colorado hairstreak butterfly
• Bird: Lark Bunting
• Dance: Square Dancing
• Dinosaur: Stegosaurus
• Gemstone: Aquamarine
• Rock: Yule Marble
• Mineral: Rhodochrosite
• Nickname: The Centennial State
• Statehood: 1876 - 38th
• Motto: "Nothing without Providence"
• Area: 104,093 square miles
• Governor: John Hickenlooper

I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into Colorful Colorado. For information about the Colorado real estate market, contact me at any time. The market is hot but still very affordable.

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