Do You Have A Moving Checklist?

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It can be such an exciting time when you move, and so easy to forget some important steps to take before moving day. Your mortgage commitment has come through and now you're really on your way.

Here is our Moving Checklist Suggestions...

1. Hire The Movers Before Closing: On Long Island, at the Closing Table you receive your keys.

2. Contact The Post Office: Advise them where to forward your mail.

3. Get Rid Of Some Stuff: Donate, donate, donate or have a garage sale. It's the perfect time to clean out your "stuff".

4. Arrange For Bulk Pick-up Of Trash: Different municipalities have various bulk pick-up procedures. Check with your Town before leaving odds and ends by the curb.

5. Contact Phone Company If You Have A Land-line: Nowadays many people don't use landlines anymore, but some like to have them as they work better in emergencies. And don't forget the cable company too.

6.Contact Your Homeowner’s Insurance Company: Get binder issued for the new policy. If you are purchasing a Condo, find out what is covered by the homeowner's association.

7. Utilities: Make sure the utility company knows when you are moving so service isn't interrupted.

8.Use It or Lose It: Start using up things that you don’t want to take with you on your move, like frozen or perishable foods.

9, Time To Pack: Things that you use infrequently can be packed away and labeled now before the big day.

10. Don't Forget About Pets: If you’re nearing a pet’s regular exam, schedule before you move and start getting recommendations for vets in your new area.

After the move...

Change The Locks: Have a locksmith ready to change all the locks after you take possession.

And now Order some take-out!

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I love sharing these type checklists with my buyers and sellers. Most of it requires preplanning to avoid last minute confusion and panic.

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