Home Buyers Are Savvy Buyers

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Nowadays, home buyers have many options of choosing the right price to live on Long Island. If you price it way above the market value, you may run the risk of it sitting on the market too long.

Keep The Following In Mind Before Pricing:

• Don't Overprice Your Property: This limits the number of buyers who may be interested in your house in your area. As you lower the price, the buyers may have moved on to another one that was priced right.

•Savvy Buyers: Nowadays, Buyers are educated about home values. They are scanning the internet before they meet with a Realtor and will know if your house is overpriced.

•Buyers Agents Will Guide Their Clients: Buyers will meet with their agents who will determine the prices of your competition and your home's value. Your house will not sell if it's not competitively priced.

•It Doesn't Matter What You Paid: Buyers do not value your house because of what your have invested in it. That fact never convinces a Buyer they should pay more for it.

•The Right Price: By listening to your Realtor's advice about pricing your house, you will sell it faster, it will be less stressful and you can move on to your next journey.

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