Why Isn't My House Selling?

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There are probably hundreds of stories about why a house isn't selling. Most of the time it's the price, condition, and the location.

However, what if the price is right, the condition is top-notch, and the location is perfect - and the house is still not receiving attention?

This can happen!

Don't get discouraged. Maybe there is too much competition around. Maybe the market has slowed a little in your neighborhood. Maybe the right buyer just hasn't come along yet.

If you are listed with a Realtor, and your house is priced right for the current market, and the condition is perfect, you're house will eventually sell.

Be patient, don't get discouraged, and work with a Realtor you feel comfortable with, one that is experienced and knows the market, and one you can trust.

Also, take new pictures.This can help to bring new interest for your property.

Keep in mind, your house is really worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it.

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I have heard this a dozen times this year alone. Our market is still a buyer's market and houses are not getting many showings much less offers. I am hoping it will change as we get into summer.

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