A Stronger 2015 for Bucks County Pennsylvania Home Buyer Activity?

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Bucks County Home Buyer Activity 2015

Early indications of Home Buyer Activity are promising in the weeks preceding the local Spring market. According to reports available from TReND MLS, there was a 15% increase in overall pending homes when comparing January 2015 to January 2014. Given this and a few other statistics, it looks like 2015 is starting off as a stronger year for home sales in Bucks County, PA.

When looking back at the same time periods from year to year it is possible to obtain a baseline for comparison. For a very simple comparison, the overall volume of pending homes in the months of December & January, for last year & this, was looked at. The results are encouraging, as they show a growth of actual Buyer intent and activity.


  • December 2013 Had 300 Houses as Pending Overall
  • December 2014 Had 332 Houses as Pending Overall
  • January 2014 Had 398 Houses as Pending Overall
  • January 2015 Had 466 Houses as Pending Overall

For Comparison:

  1. Dec '13 to Jan '14 = an approx. 25% activity increase
  2. Dec '14 to Jan '15 = an approx. 29% activity increase
  3. Dec '13 to Dec '14 = an approx. 10% activity increase
  4. Jan '14 to Jan '15 = an approx. 15% activity increase

So, to look at this in the narrative: Bucks County, PA is beginning the 2015 housing market as more active than last year. In addition to being more active, which may be an indication of increased Buyer confidence, the year is also starting off from a higher baseline of activity. The key is not that January is so much busier than December, as that's never a surprise with the Holidays. The key is that this January is stronger than last, on top of this December having also been stronger than last.

Bottom Line:
The Bucks County, PA Housing Market is Beginning the Year at a Higher Activity Level on Two Fronts - A Higher Starting Point & Stronger Demand. Now could very well be the time to consider your next move.

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