Sandpoint Idaho Events that take a bit more planning

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Sandpoint Idaho

With Spring and Summer just around the corner everyone is looking forward to the special events, art shows, and music venues that Sandpoint Idaho hosts. Some events need be planned on more in advance than waking up and deciding to make it a day trip. Three such Sandpoint Idaho events are the International Selkirk Loop Ride/Rotary WaCanId 350 miles Bicycle Ride. The Rotary "Chafe 150" Bicycle Ride, and for a little change up the Long Bridge swim across the Pend Oreille River. 1.76 Miles!

The Rotary Sponsored WacanId Bicycle Ride or International Selkirk Loop Ride is a 6 day, 350 mile ride, starting and finishing in Sandpoint Idaho. Riders are supported all 6 days by 7 different Rotary Clubs as they cycle the Selkirk Mountains. With daily averages varying from 80 miles to 49 miles the riders enjoy a day off in Nelson, BC before beginning their final two days with a 45 minute Ferry Ride Across Kootenai Lake. The Selkirk Loop was named the "West's Best Scenic Drive" by Sunset Magazine. Imagine enjoy this from the solitude of you bike! Dates for the WaCanId Ride are September 14 - 19, 2015. As of writing registration still open at

The "Chafe 150" is sponsored by Sandpoint Rotary. This ride has grown 35% in the past two years and extremely popular for a single day ride. Three different rides to choose from has added to the popularity. 30 - 80 - and 150 miles single day. This ride starts and finishes in Sandpoint for all 3 categories. June 20, 2015 is this years ride date and while registration is limited to 500 riders there is still time to sign up.

For a change of pace you might enjoy the Long Bridge Swim. 1.76 miles from the south shore to the north shore at the Long Bridge where Lake Pend Oreille turns to Pend Oreille River. This year is the 21st year and has grown from the original handful of swimmers to well over 600 in 2014. Amazingly there are age categories including 10 year olds to 80 plus years old. It has grown to an "I have to do that once" event. Part of the enjoyment of the swim is being able to cheer your swimmer on from the walking portion of the Long Bridge, as the swimmers are directly below you.

All 3 events are non profit and benefit local charities.

For more information on these events or for Home Sales in the Sandpoint Idaho area:

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