Know the cost of your construction project before you get contractor bids

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What not to do when you start a home renovation project.

This started out to be a simple renovation project, they had to replace the foundation. During the process they found if they raised the home higher by about 2-3 feet they gained a Golden Gate Bridge and SF skyline view. Huge impact on value.

The roof was replaced and the home was gutted, all drywall removed, electrical and plumbing, all was looking good. Then no draw inspection for several months when the siding was removed - not in our scope - then replaced with clear heart redwood siding. Then the latest draw revealed a home with a much expanced scope of work. Luckily they plan to be completed within a couple of weeks.


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It must be very expensive to build a house in San Francisco, is it Mike? How much does it cost on average to build a 2000 square feet house in SF?

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It would be a shot in the dark for me to assume I knew the quality of construction you might want for a home in the City. There are so many variables. If you have something specific in mind we should sit down and talk about it. As this is what I do for a living I don't typically blindly throw numbers out there. Thanks for stopping by.

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