Prequalified for a home loan? Let's keep it that way

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Home Loans

You have found the perfect home and are excited and then you get a call from the lender to tell you that the new furniture you just bought means you no longer qualify for the loan. I have seen this happen many times over the years and always warn my buyers so they don't have their dreams dashed.

How to avoid loosing your home loan.

Here are a few of the biggest things to remember

  1. Don't run out and buy a new car
  2. Don't buy furniture for your new house.
  3. Don't change jobs or quit your job
  4. Don't run up the credit cards or miss payments on your credit cards
  5. Don't spend the money your have saved up for a down
  6. Don't allow anyone to run your credit
  7. Don't make large deposits without checking with your loan officer
  8. Don't Co-sign a loan for anyone
  9. Don't make any changes in bank accounts, stocks, 401

Keep everything smooth without any major changes and you will soon be enjoying your new home.

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What is the first and the most important step in choosing the right person to help you finance your home purchase is one of the most important steps in the home-buying process? Thank you.

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