3 Questions Home Buyers May Ask and Get No Answers

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Buyers are full of questions when buying a home.

Home buyers like to know the scoop on the sellers. Some are more inquisitive than others and want to know the details about the home and the motivations of the seller. They can ask very probing questions.

Sometimes the questions are very personal and they may never get an answer. Sometimes what they ask may be public knowledge and the agent can share it. Other times the questions have no bearing on the condition or the status of the home and whether it will sell or not.

Here are 3 questions that buyers may ask of their agent and never get the real story or truth.

  1. How long has the home been on the market and why hasn't it sold?
    The buyer's agent can research and see days on the market but determining why the home hasn't sold is pure supplication on the agent's part. That agent would have no way of knowing if the home wasn't made available when buyers wanted to see it or if many offers came in and the seller refused them all. Days on the market is only one small indicator of the market.
  2. Why are the sellers selling?
    How would the buyer's agent know the true motivations of the seller? Many sellers do not even tell their own agent all the reasons they are selling. As for the condition or problems with the house, Clarksville TN sellers should disclose them on the Residential Property Condition Report as required by Tennessee law.
  3. What is the lowest price the seller will take? No agent really knows the answer to this question. In fact even the seller's agent may not know. Sellers may hint as to what their bottom dollar may be but when an offer comes in, they may not want to respond anywhere near that bottom dollar.

The only way to know what a seller will take is to make an offer. It really doesn't matter how long a home has been on the market, there could have been a dozen reasons it hasn't sold. And why a seller is selling shouldn't matter either. The home is worth what it is to the buyer that is ready to buy regardless if the seller is being transferred, divorced, lost a job or just choosing to move across town.

3 Questions Home Buyers May Ask and Get No Answers,.

A good real estate will explain that these things do not matter. What does matter is the buyer making a strong offer and with reasonable terms. In Clarksville TN it takes a good negotiator to work with a buyer and have the buyer prevail. A good negotiator is Clarksville TN Real Estate Agent Debbie Reynolds. Call Debbie at 931-920-6730 at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices PenFed Realty.


It is a matter of seller confidentiality Debbie Gartner. If the seller allows us to tell they need to put that permission in writing.

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