Does the Age of the Real Estate Agent Matter?

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There are hundreds of real estate agent in Clarksville TN. How does a buyer or seller decide who to choose? Buyers and seller may wonder if the age of the real estate agent matters? Age can work for or against you.

First you should choose a real estate agent that is a Realtor. A Realtor is a member of the National Association of Realtors and subscribes to a higher professional standard and follows the Code of Ethics. Not all real estate agents are Realtors. You want the best representation you can get so pick from the Realtor pool of agents.

Age alone shouldn’t be the qualifying reason for selecting an agent in Clarksville TN. There are many things that should be considered..

1. You need a real estate agent that will listen and understand what you want and what your needs are.
2. You need an honest and trustworthy agent and one who will look after your interests above her own..
3. An energetic, hard working real estate agent is what it takes today to stay abreast and be ready to take action for the client.
4. A full time professional real estate agent, with a good reputation, affiliated with a reputable company will have the background to serve you well.
5. A tech-savvy agent is a must. This type of agent will use all the tools to work for you.
6. You need an agent that is knowledgeable on financing and where the market is going.
7. A good communicator will help you to understand and keep you informed and in the know.
8. A highly educated agent in the field of real estate knows how to navigate through the sale process and stays informed on current issues that affect real estate.
9. An agent with happy clients and a successful track record can give you added assurance that you will likely be the next satisfied client..
10. Patience comes with age and though you can have it when you are young, you tend to have more when you are older. The transaction needs this from the agent.

So does the age of the real estate agent matter? Not if you are choosing wisely, have done your research, check the credentials and references of the real estate agent and by all means make sure the real estate agent has a huge internet presence. That is where buyers and sellers are looking first.

Debbie Reynolds is a Clarksville TN Real Estate Agent that has 35 years in the business.You don’t pay more for this experience so why not get it right the first time. Debbie Reynolds is a qualified and very experienced Realtor and Real Estate Agent in the Clarksville TN Real Estate Market. To learn more check out her website.


Debbie: This is a good list of things that consumers need to take into account when looking to hire an agent. Age alone should not matter.

Ideal breakdown of this topic Debbie. I ran into similar questions, when I was first starting - I sold my first home at 18, just out of licensing. Experience sure counts but nobody can "fake" enthusiasm either! Thanks - Steve

Debbie, Having an online presence is important as well as keeping your information and bio current and accurate, since many are reading what you write and say online.

You said it Jerry. I will add a current photo that looks like you and keeping the profile relevant to what is happening today and not just years ago is what people want to see.

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