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Home Inspections Are for Every Home Buyer

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Every home buyer should get a home inspection.

A home buyer should get a home inspection every time they contract to buy a home. It is not just for older homes but new homes as well. Even the best home builders around can miss some items and these will show up on a home inspection report. Home inspections on older homes can keep a buyer from making a big mistake of purchasing a real money pit and the wrong home for them.

Both the buyers and sellers get a little nervous about home inspections and what they will uncover. What will the home inspector find in your Clarksville TN Home? But experience has taught me that most of the time it works out just fine for all parties and the issues can be worked out. Many of the findings are minor flaws or imperfections, maintenance items or observations about systems and how to monitor them.

However major problems do surface and they can cause a buyer to questions whether the deal needs to move forward. Even if the seller is willing to fix all items it still may scare a buyer off or change how they feel about a property.Some major concerns are as follows:

  • Structural issues that could cause the home to suffer further damage and be severely compromised.
  • Plumbing , electrical, heating and air systems that are faulty or not installed to code. These are big ticket items.
  • Safety issues or hazards that could cause harm to the property or persons living in the home.

The best advice is to get the report, research some of the issues and talk with the home inspector. The seller may be willing to fix the items. A home inspector should never be the one to make the decision for the buyer as to whether to buy or not. Nor should the home inspector give estimates of repair cost unless of course he is a general contractor and has the experience to do so.

Home Inspections Are for Every Home Buyer

A home buyer should have peace of mind when buying a home and the home inspection should give it. Moving forward with all the facts enables the buyer to plan and budget for routine maintenance or repairs too. If the outlook is too overwhelming then the buyer may need to find another home instead.

Debbie Reynolds is a Clarksvile TN Real Estate Agent with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices PenFed Realty. For excellent Clarksville TN real estate services call Debbie at 931-920-6730.


We encourage all of our buyers to get a home inspection, even in new construction. It's the best way to "get to know" the home you'll be living in.

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