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It’s a New Home, Do I Still Need a Home Inspection?

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Home inspection in new homes

I love new homes and seeing all the latest trends, colors and gadgets that builders are using to make buyers eyes light up. But all the fine new products and styling cannot override the need for a home inspection on a new home no matter how excited and in love the buyer is with the home. There are many new homes available for sale in Clarksville TN so buyers need to know that buying new homes doesn’t mean they are perfect homes.

Should you still get a home inspection on a new home? But you may say new homes come with a warranty and that should be enough? The warranty will only kick in if something fails during the warranty period. What if there is a flaw that doesn’t show itself until after the warranty expires? It could be something serious like faulty wiring, foundation issues, structural problems or deficient systems that will cost you big bucks. That will be disappointing news when you home is barely a couple of years old. All kinds of problems can show up through a home inspection.

To help avoid these surprises, invest in a home inspection on a new home. Even the best builders are known to make a mistake every now and then. The cost is minimal to know that everything is in good order and you can move into your new home knowing a home inspector has evaluated the structure and the systems.

It's fun looking for new homes and in Clarksville TN the inventory is plentiful. Start your search for a new home here.

It’s a New Home, Do I Still Need a Home Inspection? Yes, please get one before you buy. There is even a trend to have another one done prior to the expiration of the builder warranty just to be sure no problems have surfaced and to protect the buyer’s interest. Again the cost is small compared to having to pay for big repairs out of your pocket.

Clarksville TN Real Estate Agent, Debbie Reynolds recommends home inspections on new homes regardless of the builder. Contact Debbie for more information on buying new homes and safe practices. 931-920-6730.


Submitted by Ray Wilson on
Great article Debbie. Inspections can reveal loose or improperly fastened railings, self-closing doors not self-closing, leaks under sinks, etc. Always good idea to have new construction inspected. - Ray

I have seen new homes come back with plumbing pipes not connected and insulation missing. I am sure it wasn't on purpose but it could have been a problem for the buyer.

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