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Lock Up All Valuables and Harmful Items When Selling Your Home

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Remove dangerous items before showing your home.

When it is time to sell your home part of the staging process is to remove valuables and anything that could be harmful before you start showing your home. Buyers do not need the distractions and let's face it not everyone is honest either.

Lock Up All Valuables and Harmful Items When Selling Your Home.

When I represent a seller in Clarksville TN I tell them to prepare for showing their home by putting away and locking up valuables like money, jewelry, silverware and collectibles. It also helps make the home show ready and less likely that the buyers will become fixated on the things in the home instead of the home itself. Their Clarksville TN home will sell faster and not linger on the market when it is is in prime selling condition.

Potentially harmful items like guns, ammunition, knives and prescription drugs are items that can tempt a less than honest person. They could also tempt a child that may be along for the ride and none of us wants a child to get hurt. Even something innocent like aspirin or cough syrup could cause physical harm in the wrong hands. To be safe, put it away and totally out of sight.

I even recommend alcohol beverages to not be left out. it is easy enough to put them away in a cabinet so they will not distract. I have shown homes where the liquor was left out and it was quite a large quantity. The buyers made note of it and said that the seller really liked to drink. Nothing should come in the way of a buyer thinking about the house and wondering about the seller's personal living habits.

Though I have never had anything come up missing during a showing there is always a first time. By removing these items before a home goes on the market and having them absent from any showings, the seller's home is in the spotlight, not his valuables, firearms or prescriptions. It will take a little more time to be safe, but you won't be sorry.

Once I saw bucket marked Explosives in the basement of one of the homes I showed. Though I am sure the explosives were removed it did cause concern for the buyer. We left that home immediately.Think smart and make your home show ready with all valuables and harmful items locked up and safely put away.

Lock Up All Valuables and Harmful Items When Selling Your Home.

To get more selling tips for selling your Clarksville TN home click here. When you are ready to sell contact Debbie Reynolds with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices PenFed Realty at 931-920-6730.

Give me a call at 931-920-6730.


It's really a shame that theft and crime is on the rise in the real estate world! It's becoming important for agents to spread the word to take care of our clients.

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Aw jeez, I just want to sell my house; now I gotta put away all my cash and explosives?!? I GOTTA BE ME

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