What Type of Home Does $100,000 Buy in Clarksville TN?

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Clarksville TN has many affordable homes under $100,000.

People on a limited budget in Clarksville TN still want to buy homes. So is there any possibility that these home buyers can buy a decent home for $100,000 or less? The good news is that there are still plenty of homes under $100,000 in Clarksville and many of them are in move-in ready condition.

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What does a $100,000 home in Clarksville look like?

Most of them will have three bedrooms though these bedrooms will not be large in size. The home may have a bath and a half and sometimes it may have two full baths.There may even have a garage if you are lucky. The location will be convenient and most likely in a neighborhood that is older and more established with trees and near schools. It could also be a brick home.

Will a home like this need work or repairs?

Some may need small repairs and some may need only some paint and clean up. Others may need more major repairs but may still be in very livable condition allowing you to save your money and do the repairs or improvements a little at a time.

What size of home will be it be?

You can count on getting at least 1000 square feet and some of the older homes may provide you with several hundred feet more. The search can be fun and you may find nice extras like hardwood flooring, tile baths and big kitchens.

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Does a $100,000 home sound too small?

If you think you would like to spend a little more check out the entire Clarksville TN real estate home market and see if there are other homes that appeal to you. When you are ready to start the home buying process you need a Realtor that will look after your needs, Contact Debbie Reynolds, Clarksville TN Real Estate Agent at (931) 920-6730. Debbie works at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices PenFed Realty. I am ready to help.


You really can buy a lot more in your neighborhood. That would probably cost at least 3x that amount here in NY. That's great that you can still get something decent in Clarksville for 100,000.

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