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Why Agents Want to Work With Ready, Willing and Able Buyers

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Calling all ready willing and able Buyers

Most real estate agents are independent contractors and don't get paid unless they close on a sale or rent a property. Selling real estate can be a satisfying career with lots of rewards both financial and for personal achievement. If you work hard as an agent you will generally become successful, that is if you can work with ready, willing and able buyers and know when to table those that are not.

Since our time is money we need to spend it where it will give us the most return, with real buyers and sellers.Spinning our wheels with a buyer that isn't real is a waste of our resources and keeps us from serving real clients and making a living.

A Ready Buyer is ready to make a move. We aren't talking about in a year or two; we are talking soon and that their timing is in the near future. This buyer has a need and we agents can make it happen if they will let us.The agent has to ask lots of questions and really listen to the answers and to what is not said as well. Body language can also tell the real estate agent a lot. I like to see a sense of urgency and even excitement, too

A Willing Buyer is ready to commit when they find a home that meets their needs.They are not looking for excuses or putting up roadblocks. They are willing to compromise and recognize there are no perfect houses. If a couple is looking for a home it is important to have a willingness from both parties.

An Able Buyer has the financial ability to buy. Oh I have seen plenty of buyers that were ready and willing but had ZERO capability to buy and all the looking and negotiating in the world can't make a deal happen. A buyer coming with a preapproval letter or bank letter stating they have the funds to buy is music to my ears. It gives the buyer clout and extra negotiating power too.

When a ready, willing and able buyer contacts a dedicated agent, that buyer can expect to find a home and have their agent work hard for them showing them the steps to buying a home. There will be success on both sides. Remember we are salespeople and love to make the sale but we also love to get paid.

Why Agents Want to Work with Ready, Willing and Able Buyers. When looking for an agent in Clarksville TN, Debbie Reynolds with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services PenFed Realty will work hard for you. When you need real estate services in Clarksville contact Debbie at 931-920-6730.


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