Your Buyer Prospect Has Disappeared, What Is He Trying to Tell You?

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Home Buyer Prospect and Real Estate Agent

You have been showing properties and getting along well with your client. In fact you are zeroing in on the perfect house. Then all of a sudden you can’t reach the client and you don’t get return calls from the Buyer. You get angry and wonder if there is some trickery going on?

If you have been in real estate for any length of time it probably has happened to you. At first it can be very disconcerting. That is until you realize what may be happening to the buyer behind the scenes. Experience has taught me that there may be domestic unrest. Whether everything may have seemed rosy on the surface, something has gone awry. Don’t automatically expect that the buyer has traded you in for a new agent and going behind your back to buy from someone else.

He could be having a problem with employment or his spouse or partner. It could have to do with money or had an unexpected expense. He may have gotten cold feet. Or somebody could be sick in the household. Somebody could have died in the family. There are many possible reasons why the buyer hasn’t called you back and one of them is he may just have changed his mind, for now..

The bottom line is you won’t be selling a house to this buyer at this time. The message is loud and clear that the time is not right. So what are you the agent to do? Keep reaching out through messages, email or texts. Do not scold, shun or embarrass the buyer. Show concern and let the buyer know that you are ready when he is ready. Stay in contact. Don’t be a pest though. There is a fine line between being persisted and being a bother.

Your Buyer Prospect Has Disappeared, What Is He Trying to Tell You? He's telling you it isn't the right time.

Don’t burn bridges and be sure to keep the lines of communication open with your Buyer Prospect. Though right now may not be a good time for the buyer, next week or next month may be. If that isn’t the right time then next year may be. You want to be the real estate agent he remembers in a positive way as the one who cares. Meanwhile, go about your other business, sell houses and one day this buyer may resurface and be ready to buy an even bigger house. You want to be his agent when that time comes.

Debbie Reynolds is a real estate agent in Clarksville TN working for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices PenFed Realty.


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