Why Many Still Prefer New Homes in San Antonio, TX

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New Homes For Sale in San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas continues to rapidly grow in population as the seventh largest city in the nation, and many who are relocating to our lovely city for job opportunities, medical facilities, lower cost of living, or exemplary schools are looking to purchase a new construction homes. Yes, New Homes Sales are on the rise, and are expected to exceed the 2014 numbers.

You may have read how New Home Sales in Texas Outpaces the National Average by almost double. With over 40 new home builders in the San Antonio area, buyers are able to select from a variety of homes with numerous features and upgrades. Plus, many of our builders are offering nice deals and incentives on dirt sales, as well as on many of their inventory homes, for those who need a ready to move-in home.

The majority on the new home construction is in the northwest, northcentral and northeast of the city. The nicest thing about many of these new homes is the fact that many are being built with energy efficient features and appliances to help buyers lower those high utility costs. Of course for those who prefer new homes over pre-owned homes get to choose types of flooring, paint colors, room additions, patios, decks, or just about anything from the roof to the ground.

New residents are concerned with the various amenities being offered in the different communities, as well as the programs that are being provided in all of our public and private schools. Consequently, location can be a huge factor for making the drive to work and back, and finding the best schools for the children. Many new schools are being built to keep pace with the rapid development of all the new homes around the city.

Regardless of the type of new construction home you’re looking for, San Antonio New Homes are available for all your real estate needs and concerns. See the list of all builders in the San Antonio Builder's Guide. Then, Contact Jerry Today at 210.789.4216, and let me be your guide to all the New Home Sales in Greater San Antonio, and the surrounding areas. Remember, you’ll need representation, and someone to look out for your interests, who knows the area. Locations may become a factor when it’s time to resale.


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Is the home construction booming in San Antonio Jerry? What is the cause of the influx in the area? New jobs, or good universities, or perhaps more boomers coming and buying houses in San Antonio? Thank you.

New Home construction is certainly rapidly increasing in San Antonio, and I believe the cause is due to our lower cost of living, good weather, and new job opportunities. Plus, the mortgage rates are still low, and buyers can afford to purchase more home for their money. We also have many military relocating here, and others who simply just want to retire and enjoy life.

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