You Want to Sell Your Home, But How Available Is it?

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No my home is not available to see right now

You say you want to sell your home. It's now on the MLS, priced well and looks great in the photos. But wait, it's not available to show.

Making your home available to show to interested buyers and their agents is essential to getting an offer, or more than one, in today's market. But some sellers are sabotaging their ability to sell their home quickly, perhaps unwittingly, by making their home hard to show, for personal or other reasons.

It may be they require 24 hours notice to show and an appointment. Or the hours, and sometimes days, for showing are very restricted. And sometimes homes come on the market and cannot be shown for days or longer while the sellers are finalizing repairs, or de-cluttering.

Yes, selling a home is a lot of work and an inconvenience in your daily lives. Kids, pets, jobs, social activities, and visiting company can all complicate your ability to show your home at a moment's notice, or within an hour of two of an agent's request for a showing. This is not to say your home should be an open door 24/7. But you risk missing an opportunity, or more than one, by not making your home reasonably available to show. Not all buyers are going to wait for you, or they may find something else in the meantime. For some, it's a turnoff if the home is too hard to show.

You will optimize your ability to sell at a great price and quickly by pricing your home well and having it in showing condition all the time. Making your home available to show is a key component of the process, too. Don't be a saboteur!

Jeff Dowler is a Real Estate agent in Carlsbad, CA. For more information Jeff can be contacted via email or by phone at (760) 840-1360.


I am noticing a trend that more and more buyers are impromptu and want to look on short notice. Sellers that are prepared and ready to let them see their homes without making them wait, stand a better chance of getting an offer.

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