How would you ask your electrician to replace this without removing tile?

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This bathroom was in a house I inspected in Uniondale NY recently, and I came across this in the bathroom - a GFI receptacle embedded within the tile wall.

If the tile was grouted around this receptacle, the grouter could have been shocked if the wet tile grout contacted the terminals and wiring.
I guess this did not happen, but I was not there and it could have.

Now these types of receptacles can fail, and if so, most electricians are not going to dismantle tile walls, or would perhaps damage the wall and tell the seller he/she will have to have another contractor repair the wall. If there are no matching tiles what do you do once the original ones are removed?

This is not the most common thing found at a home inspection, but testing this receptacle is mandatory for an inspector, and I would write this up in the report as a deficiency as the receptacle cannot be replaced without damage to wall tiles, and further repairs will be needed. All for a $15 receptacle.

This will not be repaired for twice or even three times that amount.

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