The Real Reason Home Buyers Hire a Home Inspector

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It seems funny to so many of my fellow home inspectors and myself when we get together at our monthly educational meetings and talk shop. The stories are just amazing, but that is not why I wrote this blog.

These meetings are quite unique as we all strive to learn more, do more, and educate each other. We invite speakers to speak who are established experts such as boiler technicians, roofing contractors, heating and air conditioning contractors, oil tank abandonment companies, and all other specialized people so we can learn from them.

We pay out of our own pockets for this. And we don't think twice about it because we endeavor to better ourselves by keeping up with what is current.

Although we are all competitors, we learn from each other. This benefits us, and our clientele. But what we don't understand is these calls from people whose first and only concern is the price.

  • Most people don't ask me "Hey Ray - what kind of work background do you have?"
  • Most callers don't ask "Hey Ray - what kind of insurance do you have?"
  • Most people don't think to ask "Hey Ray - what associations are you affiliated with?"
  • Most clients don't know who, what, or where you are. But they usually are from a referral.

You should do your due diligence as a consumer, as a homebuyer, as a real estate agent. as a mortgage officer, etc. when choosing this professional.

There is no home inspector who is not going to be willing to answer a few questions from a prospective client about anything that I mentioned in this blog.

When you seek the lowest price, you may wind up achieving the lowest level of experience.

Ray Wilson, president of Meticulous Home Inspection Corp. would be happy to answer any if your questions related to this blog, or inspection in general. Please call 631-902-6761 or see


Ray, you home inspectors get a bad rap but let me also say your fee is some of the best money spent on a transaction. I have a new home sale right now where the buyer thinks he is an expert and doesn't need a home inspection. I have told him most new home buyers get inspections and what can show up in the report that he won't see. He is calm as a cucumber about it all and says no thanks.

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