Why you should avoid bringing children to the home inspection

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Children and Home Inspection

Children are great, but the home inspection is not where you should be bringing a child.

One child at an inspection in Oceanside NY tumbled down an entire flight of wood stairs some 13 steps. Screamin' and bouncin' all the way - it was horrible to hear this while inspecting the basement cause the parents were not paying attention to the child.

One cute little girl hit her head at the corner of a glass tabletop just her height, and she smacked her head and screamed bloody murder. Afterwards the wound required stitches.

A little boy attempted to follow me up the pull-down attic steps and stepped on his hand on my way back down the ladder. OUCH!! Another horrible experience.

Don't bring the children to he home inspection if at all possible folks.

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I know it is a great place to visit and also hear good things about it being a great place to live. There is so much history there and fun things to do. Great restaurants. I agree with you Jerry Newman.

I just can't imagine buyers thinking it is appropriate to bring children along. It is not fun and games. The inspector is working and the buyers need to stay out of the way.

This one is beyond my level of understanding - to see the house, on a second showing - of course, but never to an inspection or settlement.

A home inspection is definitely no place for a child to be. Their inquisitive nature will get them in trouble as they try to follow the inspector around.

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