My best kitchen flooring articles

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Kitchens are the heart of home and they are probably the most challenging and expensive room in the home to design. We get a LOT of questions about kitchens and floors. The questions range from what types are best to the right order to install items.

So, I thought it would be helpful to gather a few articles that may come in handy for kitchen remodels and floor:

What type of flooring is better for kitchens - hardwood or tile?
This shares the pros and cons for both hardwood and tile.

How do you design a kitchen backsplash?
Here is some advice to get started on your backsplash and some pictures for inspiration.

What types of kitchen floors do new home buyers prefer?
If you are selling your house soon, this is a must read.

Should you install the flooring or the kitchen cabinets first?
This comes up often. I've even seen many that are limited in budget and do the cabinets and countertops first without thinking ahead and then it limits their flooring choices for later (due to height issues)

Does hardwood flooring in kitchens make sense?
Read about the pros and cons to hardwood in kitchens.

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