EMBARQ Homepage, E-mail, Security Upgrade Migration Under Way

EMBARQ is migrating its broadband customers from EarthLink to the new MyEMBARQ portal, which includes enhanced homepage, e-mail and security features. This free, easy transition for EMBARQ broadband customers is simple and convenient, and it is a significant upgrade to their online experience.

HICKORY, N.C., April 13, 2007 - EMBARQ has begun migrating existing residential EMBARQâ„¢ High Speed Internet and EMBARQ Business-Class DSL customers with EarthLink email accounts to a new, enhanced EMBARQ-branded Internet portal. As part of the transition, embarqmail.com replaces earthlink.net email addresses. EMBARQ customers in the Hickory region and nationwide began making the transition this week.

Benefits of the new MyEMBARQ portal include an innovative email service with unlimited mailbox storage and award-winning online security tools providing advanced virus and anti-spyware protection. The new myembarq.com and biz.myembarq.com homepages offer instant access to email, search, news, weather, sports, financial information, 20 channels of commercial-free radio and more.

"We want to make this transition as simple and convenient as possible," said Mark Kenyon, EMBARQ vice president-consumer marketing. "An easy, three-step process enables customers to upgrade to their free MyEMBARQ homepage, email account and security services. Through Oct. 31, we will help make it seamless by forwarding email received at the customer's old EarthLink email address to their new embarqmail.com address."

The migration process automatically moves customers' stored email, contact lists and folders to their new embarqmail accounts. Customers also can choose to have their entire contact list automatically notified about the upgrade to their new embarqmail account. Customers with earthlink.net email addresses also will be given the option to keep their existing usernames. EMBARQâ„¢ technical support is available to enhance the customer's online experience.

EMBARQ is celebrating the transition by giving away great prizes. Customers signing up for a new EMBARQâ„¢ email account before July 17, 2007, will be entered to win $100,000. Also, customers signing into the MyEMBARQ Homepage will have a chance to play for 1 of 100 daily, instant-win prizes. Full contest rules are available at myembarq.com and embarq.com.

EMBARQ partnered with Synacor, a leading provider of Internet tools and portals, to create a robust new homepage environment, and Zimbra, the leading provider of open source collaboration and messaging software, to launch a creative and powerful email tool.

"With the new MyEMBARQâ„¢ portal, customers will receive a completely new level of access to their content and personalization that will only continue to improve as new value-added services roll out," said Ron Frankel, president and CEO of Synacor. "Synacor's portal platform and proprietary ID authentication technology enables EMBARQ customers to have an enriched online experience each time they log in."

Migration-eligible customers will be prompted to make the upgrade when they log on to their earthlink.net portal. They can see the new portal page and e-mail features by going to myembarq.com and clicking on "Tour MyEMBARQTM" at the top of the page.

"We're excited to partner with EMBARQ and Synacor to provide EMBARQ customers a world-class messaging and collaboration solution." said Satish Dharmaraj, CEO of Zimbra. "The innovative capabilities offered by the new EMBARQâ„¢ service position it as a clear leader relative to other service providers' offerings."

After Oct. 31, EMBARQ will discontinue support of the EarthLink product. Additional issues relating to business customers will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Customers can contact EMBARQ for more information.

"Our customers rely on us to provide common sense innovation," Kenyon said. "With this transition, they will experience significant Internet enhancements and value-added services that are among industry-leaders. Other companies may be able to offer one or two similar features, but we know of no others that offer all of these new features with high speed internet in one package at a price that does not change for as long as you have it."

EDITORS' NOTE: Check out some of the functionality of the new homepage at myembarq.com. For a demonstration, please contact the EMBARQ media relations manager for your region.

North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia
Tom Matthews, 919-554-7185, tom.r.matthews@embarq.com

Embarq Corporation (NYSE: EQ), headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, offers a complete suite of common-sense communications services. The company has approximately 20,000 employees and operates in 18 states. EMBARQ, which is expected to rank among the Fortune 500, is included in the S&P 500. For consumers, EMBARQ offers an innovative portfolio of services that includes reliable local and long distance home phone service, high-speed Internet, wireless, and satellite TV from DISH Network® - all on one monthly bill. For businesses, EMBARQ has a comprehensive range of flexible and integrated services designed to help businesses of all sizes be more productive and communicate with their customers. This service portfolio includes local voice and data services, long distance, Business-Class DSL, wireless, enhanced data network services, voice and data communication equipment and managed network services. EMBARQ believes that by focusing on the communities the company serves and by employing common sense and practical ingenuity, it is able to provide customers with a committed partner, dedicated customer service and innovative products for work and home. For more information, visit embarq.com.

About Synacor
Synacor builds Internet tools and portals that simplify the way consumers get their digital media. Its technology platform provides private label portals, premium online content and email collaboration suites to broadband service providers such as cable operators, telecommunications companies, Internet service providers and others. Synacor provides the focused expertise and technology that allow both service providers and content providers to extend their brands online and create a relevant, personalized online experience for consumers through a single sign-on portal, enhanced content packaging and aggregated billing. For more information on Synacor, please visit www.synacor.com.

About Zimbra
Zimbra is the leading provider of open source collaboration and messaging software for enterprises, service providers, educational institutions, and government agencies. The Zimbra Collaboration Suite features an AJAX Administrative user interface and browser based client to dramatically improve the messaging and collaboration experience for administrators and end users alike. Zimbra supports Windows, Apple, and Linux desktops and works with Microsoft Outlook as well as today's most essential PC and mobile devices including the Blackberry, Treo and Motorola Q. Additionally, Zimbra supports popular server operating systems such as Red Hat, Mac, Ubuntu, SUSE, Fedora and more. The Zimbra Collaboration Suite was voted Best Enterprise Project in the inaugural 2006 SourceForge.net Community Choice Awards, received a SIIA Codie award for Best Communication or Collaboration Solution and won InfoWorld's 2007 Application Innovator Technology of the Year Award. More information and software downloads are available at http://www.zimbra.com/.


Submitted by Joan Beihl (not verified) on
I have not been able to "sign in" except for Embarq home page.My password is not accepted

You need to migrate to MyEmbarq first. Go to the myembarq.com site and click on the migrate link. If you have trouble with the migration, click on the support link (upper left) to chat online with a representative or call toll-free on the number given.

Submitted by marvi cathey (not verified) on
I am trying to download your free anti-virus software but I am unable to enter the embarq with my password or to verify my password.

Submitted by john mcvicker jr. (not verified) on
Just got a new dell computer,and am wondering if i still have your security online. please check for me.

Submitted by Vivian Eichinger (not verified) on
I have had difficulties the past two months accessing my account on-line. I have paid my bill on-line in the past. Why will it not accept my User Id or Password.

Submitted by DEBRA (not verified) on

The migration is optional until Oct. 31, but you will be missing out on some neat new features, and the security suite is among the best available. You will have up to eight email addresses available with the migration, as well as unlimited storage. I would suggest that you click the "Tour MyEmbarq" link. Our contract with EarthLink expired April 9, and with that, it was a great time to provide an Embarq-branded portal with many enhancements. You can wait until the end of October if you need to, but why wait to upgrade?

I participated in a switch from earthlink.net to embarq.com and am sadly disappointed as the software I downloaded messed up my computer so bad I had to do a system recovery from safe mode as I could not even get my computer to load windows as it seemed stuck in a restart mode, constantly restarting and then attempting to reload windows but before the xp loaded the system automaticly shut down again. This happened after I loaded the software and was told I had to do a restart to install it. Since this happened I have not been able to recover email from Earthlink [26 emails]and I rarely am able to access embarq for email. I just tryed to get on embarq home page and was informed it is not available. I also called for tech support and was informed that it was to busy to take my call and I should try another day, so I went online and received very little help as the tech did not seem to grasp my problem

Submitted by Faith Pewitt (not verified) on
I have been trying to get online to check my emails at Embarqmail.com. It keeps saying I am offline or difficulties getting online. what's the deal. I can't read my emails for today, Wednesday.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I too thought unlimited e mail would be an upgrade. I downloaded the link last week and could not get into e mail from that point on. After a fruitless 20 minute call to tech support, I tried again Sun, After a 20 minute wait I got through and was able with tech support to at least get my e mail. This site is so full of advertising that I can not access it from my work pc. It blocks it due to too much advertising and conserving bandwidth. I strongly recommend avoiding Embarq. I think I will have to switch providers to get any kind of resonable service again. I was previously on Earthlink and at least there I could avoid all the news and junk that I don't want to see. I have yet to figure out how to avoid the information overload I get from Embarq. In fact it probably will not take this comment because its telling me my email address is invalid.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I upgraded from Earthlink and haven't been able to access my e-mail either. Spent two hour long sessions with tech support and still am not able to get my e-mails to open. You can't go back either. What a disaster. Their final suggestion was to take my computer to zero and start with reloading windows and build it back up. Warning: Don't do it!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
To get rid of the excessive ads, try running the firefox browser with "adblock plus" extension, noscript extension, and customizegoogle extension. Each provides tools for blocking the automatic download of unwanted third-party content embedded in webpages. Install spybot s&d and spyware blaster and use their "immunization" tools to further obstruct badadware from being delivered to your PC.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I have made the switch from earthlink to embarq portal. I don't like it. My computer is slow and I have a hard time pulling up e-mails. I called tech support and they helped me uninstall some of the security. It helped some, but earthlink worked alot faster. I love the features the new portal has, but at this point I think dial up would be faster.

Submitted by pluhlir on
I have had nothing but problems since I upgraded 2 weeks ago. After various problems, today my computer kept telling me I had a spyware that is not there and proceeded to mess up my computer for the entire day. When my son finally got it to go to a homepage...it is back at earthlink and I can only get to my email online. Earthlink had a great system and embarq should have checked it out. Now you get all the junk mail that you never saw before. It is a mess! Will be switching soon!

Submitted by kenhof2000 on
I had some difficulties with the email when switching over. Thru trial and error and lots of invested time, I finally figured out some workarounds to get it working better for me. Note, my solution requires you to use EarthLink MailBox, but I was used to it anyway so no big deal. I actually created a special Blog for the switchover and my detailed steps. So if you are interested in the steps I took you can visit the blog (<a href="http://elnk2embarq.blogspot.com/" target="_blank">http://elnk2embarq.blogspot.com</a>). The steps are too many to post here. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out solutions to the other problems that plague EMBARQ but when/if I do I will certainly post them on this blog! Good Luck!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Since I switched I have had all kinds of junk mail and popups which are very annoying and persistent. I read my email once and could never find it again. I pay for McAfee security system (because the Sprint one never worked) that doesn't seem to work anymore. I keep getting things saying my system is infected and to click here to fix it. Right! I heard that one before. I tried to get embarq as a home page but don't know how to get there.

Submitted by embarqhelp_lamontl (not verified) on
Hello Junk, This is a message from Lamont with Embarq Customer Support. We see that you have an issue with getting to the Embarq High Speed Internet home page and we are here to help. We would like the opportunity to assist you in resolving this issue you are having. Please type www.myembarq.com into your address bar and select go. Once the Myembarq page comes up you can scroll to the bottom of the page. In small letters there is an option that will say 'Make this your home page'. When you select that link you will have the option to accept myembarq.com as your homepage. If you have any problems with this please let me know. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you. Lamont L. Embarq Customer Support SMNP.Lamont.l@embarq.com For additional support please visit www.embarq.com/support or call 1-877-646-3282 Voice | Data | Internet | Wireless | Entertainment

Submitted by randy24348 on
Avoid it like the plague. I am computer illiterate and do not know how to get around some of the mess these people have unloaded on us, but I have experienced several hours of blackouts, several times, inability to access email and various other problems that were not there before. My machine has slowed considerably, and when working with high res photos that alone can be exasperating. As someone previously stated my machine stopped booting and is now at the docters office. Tried to save a hassle by having my DSL thru my phone company, which was fine as long as they used earthlink, but now I will be looking for someone else.

Submitted by robotb9 on
Somehow I got no warning of the earthlink embark switch over. And now from what I have seen it totally sucks. No one at earthlink or embark seems to know what is happening only that it is certain that it is going to happen. All embarks hype about “better service” and “enhanced internet experience” sound like they came from our old buddy Mr bin laden. How ya doing bin? I did try embarks pathetic e-mail service. It is the worst thing I have seen in 20 years. In the mean time I will see what I can do to get out of embark. Oh, and a tip for who ever thought up with the name: You spell it “ E M B A R K”!!!

Submitted by zillagod on
I would just like to tell you of my experience with you and your employees. It all started on Saturday September 2nd, 2007. At this time, we had 3 different lines coming into this house, the main line(hereon referred to as line 1), and 2 sub numbers(hereon referred to as line 2 and line 3). I called and had requested that line 1 and line 3 be dropped, and to keep line 2, in essence making line 2 our main and only line, and I also stated clearly that line 2 was currently on only one jack in this house and that is where I wanted it to stay. I was informed that this process would be done by Tuesday. I figured this was ridiculous, but then again, this was the Labor Day weekend, so, I said ok. Sunday, September 3rd. I still have internet service but cant log into my Embarq account. I try and it says this account has been deactivated. I decide to take no action at the moment, because I figure this has something to do with the changes in progress, and because my account number is probably being changed. Now it is Tuesday, September 5. At just after 12pm on Tuesday, line 2 goes dead. I wait for an hour, and line 2 is still dead. Now, this is the line where my internet service is connected to, along with other electronics I have needing a phone line. As long as this line is dead, I am losing money. I call and talk to an employee and I explain everything. I then get put on hold. About ten minutes later, another employee comes on the line. I tell him I was being helped by someone else, and he says I cant get back to her, and he asks me to explain my problem. So, for the second time, I explain what has happened. This employee seems to be very knowledgeable and he tells me that whoever first took the order on Saturday entered the request wrong and therefore the action taken was wrong. He told me that in order to drop a main line, that it was a very easy process of separating the billing for the 3 lines and then canceling 2, making the 1 remaining line the new main line. Ok, sounded good to me. He said he would start the process and that he would follow it up and call me back as changes were made to insure everything was being done correctly. I told him I needed my line 2 turned back on, and he told me that it was impossible to reactivate line 2 for 24 hours. I found this totally ridiculous. With all the technology we have in this world today, they cant turn the line back on for at least 24 hours, and this screw up by Embarq is costing me money. I then inquire about my internet service that was on line 2, and he says his computer doesnt even show me having any internet service. I told him we have had Embarq high speed for more than a month now. So he says he will set up a new internet service account. He tells me that on our next bill we will see charges for activation and internet service totaling 70 dollars, but that he will offset these charges with credits. What else can I do? I say ok. Wednesday, September 6. 1 PM and still line 2 is dead. I call Embarq and ask to be connected with the gentleman I spoke with yesterday. I give the person on the other end of the line the gentleman's name and employee id number. This girl tells me that there is no way for her to connect me with this gentleman. I think to myself, How could this not be possible? So, I now have to explain everything that has happened once again to a fourth employee. I tell this girl I need my line 2 turned back on, and she tells me it probably wont be turned on until Friday, as they were backlogged with orders. Ok, now I am pissed. I start to raise my voice and I ask why line 2 wont be on until Friday, as I was told yesterday by an employee that it would be on today, and she explains to me that it takes man hours because someone has to physically enter these orders in on a computer. This explanation only serves to make me more angry. I say to her that because of an Employee screw up on your end, I am being forced to wait in line for some idiot to type in a few things on a computer, and I am losing money in the process because Embarq employees screwed up in the first place? I ask her if I need to talk to a supervisor, and she tells me that a supervisor wouldnt be able to do anything other than what she is doing. I tell her I want my line 2 back on as soon as possible, and she says she will do her best. Ok, this gives me real confidence, an Embarq employee says they are going to do their best. These are people who cant walk and chew bubble gum at the same time. She then tells me that someone will be out on Thursday to rewire the jacks in the house so that all jacks will work on the line 2. HOLD IT, I say. WHEN THE HELL DID I EVER ASK FOR THIS? I expressly stated before, to each employee I spoke to, that line 2 was on one jack only in this house, and that was where I wanted it to stay and I did not want anything else done. So she cancels that order. She then asks me if there is anything else she can do, and I say, No, you people have done more than enough already, and all of it incorrectly. So she then gives me her name and id number. Well, I was just about to go postal at that point. Here is a girl who told me at the beginning of the call, that when I requested to speak to the gentleman I was helped by on the previous day, and I gave her his name and id number, she told me there was no way for her to connect me to him. So, in this case, why the hell did she even bother giving me her name and id number? What am I going to use this for? What good does it do me? But, I held my tongue and just said goodbye. About an hour later, Federal Express shows up with a package from Embarq. It is a modem and filters. Geese, I already have the modem and filters. Well, I am not returning this package as there is no return shipping label and I am not going to lose even more money from Embarq's screw ups by paying to have the box shipped back to them. Again, total idiocy from Embarq. About 4pm on Wednesday, I am surprised to see my line 2 turned back on. I guess raising a little hell with the employee earlier that day helped to get things moved along a bit. I get online, but still cant log into my account as it still says it is deactivated. I call Embarq internet services and they say they dont even show me having an account as of yet, as my "new" account was not to take effect until 7PM that evening. So, I have to call back later that evening just to get my account reactivated, which I did, and finally it is reactivated. So, due to Embarq's screw up, and their policies, I have spent much time and aggrevation on the phone, and I have lost money due to their mistakes. I havent ever dealt with so many incompetent people who do not have a clue as to how to do their job, and a corporation who's technology is so behind the times. It took me a total of 6 different people to talk with, and 6 days, and much aggravation, and lost income, just to get two lines dropped. Also, as a side note, I have talked to others who use Embarq, and we all agree that your e-mail site is the worst of any e-mail site. I have had a few ISP's, and others I have talked with have had other ISP's, and we all agree that your collaboration suite, whatever the hell that is, is just terrible. It is very slow, and it seems that e-mails are automatically opened without any choice. Again, this shows that Embarq is in the stone age with their technology and their policies. Now, I am just waiting to see my bill when it arrives. This should be real interesting. And when it is wrong, I will have to call Embarq again. How many different idiots will I have to talk to this time to get things straightened out? Stay tuned for part 2 of the story about the company of idiots known as Embarq.

You probably mean Embarq and its employees. This website has nothing to do with Embarq, we just published the above news story about Embarq.

Submitted by zillagod on
Well, I do mean Embarq and its employees, but also Embarq's lack of technology, the way they do business, and since employees make a company what it is, the overall view of this corporation of idiots. Part 2 of the Company of Idiots known as Embarq. Today's phone call. It is Wednesday September 12th. I have noticed when I am trying to win something from the radio, when I call and get a busy signal, I then get this annoying recording asking me if I would like this number to be automatically re-dialed when the number becomes free. This is one of the most stupid features any phone company has ever come up with. So, I decide to call Embarq this morning to get this recording taken off my line. When I call, the girl on the other end of the line asks me for my name, and she says my name is not on the account. Now, I have just fought with these idiots for the past week trying to get lines dropped and my name was always on the account then, so somehow, now my name has just mysteriously disappeared. Turns out my brother's name is the only name on the account now. Luckily, he was here to speak with them and have my name added to the account. So, I am now supposedly on the account again, and now I am again speaking with the representative. She asks me if I would like a calling package that would reduce the cost of my high speed internet costs. I ask her what would the total be for the package and internet and she says 54.90. I ask her what we are paying now total for phone and internet and she says 45.83. I tell her no I dont want the package that will lower my internet cost but overall increase my phone bill costs. DUH. Some really poor marketing tactics going on there, telling someone that you can save money on your internet costs by ordering a phone package that will increase your overall phone bill. I guess some people actually fall for these idiotic practices. Then she asks me if I would like to order DISH network tv through Embarq. Guess what. I have already done this over a month ago. I am about ready to go ballistic on these people, AGAIN. I tell her we already have DISH through Embarq and she says really? A couple of minutes pass and I am hearing her typing, and then she says, ok, I found it. She then asks me if I would like this on my same bill as the phone. I say OF COURSE, THATS WHY I ORDERED IT THROUGH EMBARQ. I swear, every time I call Embarq, more problems prevail from this Company of Idiots. So, she tells me she has everything straightened out. And she tells me that the recording I get after every time I get a busy signal, will be removed in 24 hours. ARGGGGH. It takes them 24 hours to remove a simple recording feature which I didnt ask for in the first place, which in fact I have had to remove in the past. Seems like anytime you make any change to your service, they automatically add this annoying feature to your line without your consent, and then you have to talk with idiots to try and get it removed. We shall see if they can complete this simple procedure correctly. Stay tuned for part 3. Will part 3 be the continuation of this part 2, or will part 3 be the upcoming bill? GOD only knows.

Submitted by Easyrider on
I have had lots of trouble with Embarq in the past so when they came along and said we are dropping earthlink AND the 20 hours of dialup when you travel for the same price. I thought..mmmmm this is a good way to increase their bottom line.. I thought long and hard about switching to their server and from reading the comments here I am darn glad I didn't. I searched for pop 3 email accounts found some free ones with enough storeage for me and created accounts there. I use outlook express so everything is down loaded to my pc and I sure don't use Embark's homepage as it's so full of junk it's worthless so I still use my old homepage and new email accounts. The only thing I am useing from embark is their DSL line and if I could get Versizon here ( Embark has the market and no other company's can get in so it's a monopoly here in PA ) I would go in a heartbeat. My simpathy to all who tried to load embarks software and got screwed by it.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I switched because I had to not cuz I wanted to now my nortins anti vierus wont work and my server proxy is haveing problems. I got brodband just to get a new e-mail and I stll haven't fixed all the problems with my computer yet. Thanks Embarq

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Earthlink contection speed was 200 and when I changed to Embarq it dropped to 100. About 10 days ago, I helped my 89 year old neighbor make the change and noticed hers went from 200 down to 100. Now I know why the last 5 months have been so flustrating. The least we should have gotten is an upgrade vs. Earthlink instead of the speed being cut in half. Sounds like a bad business decision on someones part. What consideration will be given to correcting this matter before your customers start looking at better options. Please advise.

Submitted by embarqhelp_lamontl (not verified) on
Hello Sir/Madam, This is a message from Lamont with Embarq Customer Support. We see that you have an issue with getting to the Embarq High Speed Internet and we are here to help. We would like the opportunity to assist you in resolving this issue you are having. We are working hard to reach out to our customers that are not completely satisfied with our service and striving to improve our service with your help. Please provide your phone number in a private message and we will research and resolve your issue. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you. Lamont L. Embarq Customer Support SMNP.Lamont.l@embarq.com For additional support please visit www.embarq.com/support or call 1-877-646-3282 Voice | Data | Internet | Wireless | Entertainment

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I agree with what appears to be the majority viewpoint. Things were easier, faster, and better with Earthlink than is presently the case with Embarq. I have found the Embarq employees with whom I've dealt to be uniformly well-intentioned and strikingly ineffective. There's an art in being completely disappointing, and it's understandably rare in an established business, but I think that Embarq achieved that level of mastery. If we had it to do again, we wouldn't.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Since the earthlink to embarq transition, seems the junk/spam mail has quadrupled. Can you give me an explanation why this is happening? I spend every day deleting these, today's count was 69. Is there anyway to eliminate this problem?

Submitted by embarqhelp_lamontl (not verified) on
Hello Sir/Madam, This is a message from Lamont with Embarq Customer Support. The additional junk and/or spam you are receiving can be filtered out through the Embarq webmail. This link has information on where to access the mail filter function: http://www.myembarq.com/files/embarq/support/webmail/webmail_enhanced_intro.php If you filter the mail on the webmail page them mail can be directed to a junk folder. If you need more detailed instructions on how this function works please feel free to contact me, I can walk you through it. Thank you for using Embarq, your complete communications solution. Lamont L. Embarq Customer Support SMNP.Lamont.l@embarq.com For additional support please visit www.embarq.com/support or call 1-877-646-3282 Voice | Data | Internet | Wireless | Entertainment

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I am thoroughly surprised that Embarq did not conduct a better transitioning pro- gram from earthlink services to embarq services. For those of us who are not ad- vanced computer literate experts, its almost impossible to understand the intricate changes necessary in this change-over. Earthlink was smoothe,with features easily understood and well defined....SPAM is sickening on Embarq e-mail service..HELP!!!! JC

Submitted by embarqhelp_lamontl (not verified) on
Hello JC, I have posted a reply to this issue for another user. The solution is directly above your original post on this issue. Please feel free to email me if you have further questions. Lamont L. Embarq Customer Support SMNP.Lamont.l@embarq.com For additional support please visit www.embarq.com/support or call 1-877-646-3282 Voice | Data | Internet | Wireless | Entertainment

Submitted by mg (not verified) on
I am so frustrated with this mess! I can not EVER get into my mailbox. I have tried for the whole month and was only successful when earthlink was in place. Since then, NOTHING! I have been trying for one full hour and I have not even come close. I have been routed to so many ridiculous sites I can't even count them all. I give up and I am cancelling this service first thing in the morning. I have wasted my last hour with this idiodic company. Who constructed this website anyway, someone on crack!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
This email is terrible. We have a tiny little 2 inch box for the email and you can't see the bottom lines. When I try to send email off the web my old earthlink address comes up. I tried the address for help and they said it didn't exist. My earthlink used to be terrible so I had to sign up for another server. I had to get mcafee security because the eathlink security never worked and the tech support had me unistall most of it. But the new embarq email is the worst thing I've ever seen. Why can't we have a bigger message box?

Submitted by embarqhelp_lamontl (not verified) on
Hello Sir/Madam, This is a message from Lamont with Embarq Customer Support. We see that you have an issue with getting a larger Embarq High Speed Internet webmail box and we are here to help. We would like the opportunity to assist you in resolving this issue you are having. On the myembarq.com web page there is an option to select ‘My Email’. If you select that option a second page should open with all of your mail. You can double click on the mail you want to view and it should open in a large window. Also, there may be a button on the email page that says ‘Detach’. When you select detach it will open the email in its own window. I hope this helps. With your help we can improve our service. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you. Lamont L. Embarq Customer Support SMNP.Lamont.l@embarq.com For additional support please visit www.embarq.com/support or call 1-877-646-3282 Voice | Data | Internet | Wireless | Entertainment

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
embarqmail has had more down time that earthlink ever had! How can you run a business if you can't access your mail? It doesn't have a decent feature to block unwanted emails. It will on put spam in a folder, it won't actually block that email address....what is the use? We want the spammers to know we don't want them!

Submitted by embarqhelp_lamontl (not verified) on
Hello Sir/Madam, This is a message from Lamont with Embarq Customer Support. We see that you have an issue with getting a larger Embarq High Speed Internet webmail and we are here to help. We would like the opportunity to assist you in resolving this issue you are having. Please email me with your Embarq email address and I will look at the account to see what is causing your email to be down so often. As for the spamming, unfortunately you are correct, we currently do not have a way to block the email from your box. We do offer the filters to file the spam and unwanted email to a junk folder. The best way to stop spam email from coming to your email is to open the email and usually at the bottom of that email is an option to remove your address from the email list. This should stop that spammer from sending emails to your address. I hope this helps. With your help we can improve our service. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you. Lamont L. Embarq Customer Support SMNP.Lamont.l@embarq.com For additional support please visit www.embarq.com/support or call 1-877-646-3282 Voice | Data | Internet | Wireless | Entertainment

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all i did was transfer my service from one township to a city and i have not been able to access my homepage, it does not accept my password and i am totally frustrated because i have my phone service also with embarq which gives me nothing but static on the line on my end only, others on the other end do not have the static, i am totally unsatisfied so far, if i do not get satisfaction when i call customer support and let them know i am paying for line service, and they want to charge me for service that embarq should be providing, especially since im paying for it i will definitely go with time warner for all three services!!!!!!

Submitted by embarqhelp_lamontl (not verified) on
Hello Sir/Madam, This is a message from Lamont with Embarq Customer Support. I see you are having an issue with accessing the Embarq homepage since you have moved. Please provide me with your username for the homepage and I can reset the password for you. Also, if you are still having an issue with the static on the phone, please provide your phone number and I can have a technician check the lines and determine what is causing the static. Please also make sue you are using filters on all of your phones to reduce high speed internet interference on your phone line. I hope this is helpful. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you. Lamont L. Embarq Customer Support SMNP.Lamont.l@embarq.com For additional support please visit www.embarq.com/support or call 1-877-646-3282 Voice | Data | Internet | Wireless | Entertainment

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Call Embarq for your problem.... Call Earthlink for your problem.Geeez,pass the buck or what!?!? My account was suppose to survive until Jan 3rd but they deactivated it while I'm 3000 milkes from home. Both companies SUCK and if I had any other option for reasonable DSL in my area I'd switch. I will be leaving both companies summer of 08 Anyone who can leave should!!!! They don't deserve our business. Rob

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I too switched to embarq thinking it was reliable but have yet to access my mail and forget the chat session with the people that work there I don't think they know what they are doing any more than I do just tell you to clear your cookies I knew that already

Submitted by jcmcp (not verified) on
Embarq deceived us when we transitioned from Hargray to Embarq. We were informed from the main office that we could get 3.0 high speed internet access and we ended up with 1.5 which is as slow as a snails crawl. Even the Embarq installed stated we could get 3.0 and that all we needed to do was to contact Embarq. Well, we did and were told that 3.o was not available in my area which is Mossy Oaks.We were also informed after a multitude of correspondence with customer service that their Engineers would look into this and see if there was anything that they could do, that was weeks ago. Embarq over promised and under delivered just to get people to switch internet servers, they are by far the weakest of the internet providers. We will defintely switch back to Hargray or Charter if Embarq cannot meet our internet needs.

Submitted by Etta Walter (not verified) on
90% of the time when I log into my email I get a message that says End tag 'body' does not match the start tag 'HR' and it asks if I wish to send the error report. I have said yes several times but nothing gets resolved. When this occurs, I cannot access my address book to forward any emails that I wish to send or compose any emails unless I actually know the email address of the person I am sending it to. This is very, very frustrating and I don't know where to turn. I sent an email to Embarq asking if they had a new cd available for me to download the software again and I was told no. Is there anyone there that can help me. I am at my wits end. Hoping to hear from you soon. Thanks, Etta Walter

Submitted by black morpheus (not verified) on
Embarq is Cumbersome. It takes 2 or 3 steps to Earthlinks 1. Obviously , some Techs tried to prove their worth. Improve , or disapear !

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I don't care for the format. It takes too many clicks and too long to bring up the e-mail. Too confusing to add multiple addresses to an e-mail. Also, when I forward an e-mail with pictures, the picture doesn't go. I had AOL and their format is so much better.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I just swithced to Embarq high speed today. After reading these comments, I am thankfull that it did not allow me to complete the registration process. I will keep my other e-mail account.

Submitted by Faith Pewitt (not verified) on
I have not had any problems getting online and Embarqmail is the only one that says I am offline. Please advise.

Submitted by Faith Pewitt (not verified) on
I have not had any problems getting online and Embarqmail is the only one that says I am offline. Please advise.

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hayy everyone