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Desperate Bid to Save Another Girl From Death Row in Iran

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Bodog Music recording artist and world renowned humanitarian, Nazanin, is once again speaking out for an extremely important cause. This time her attention is focused on the life of a young woman named Delara Darabi, who is being denied a fair trial for murder and currently facing execution in Iran.

On Saturday, April 28, Nazanin will be in Amsterdam to rally for support at the art exhibit where Delara Darabi's works are being displayed. Nazanin will speak on behalf of Miss Darabi's cause and the plight of the many other minors who are imprisoned in Iran.

Hungry and depressed, Darabi has been struggling to survive. Spending three difficult years in prison, she has been locked away since she was 17-years old; she has even attempted to take her own life recently because of the pressures of prison life and beatings by fellow cellmates and prison guards.

Darabi's attorney, Abdolsamad Khoramshahi states he has gathered new evidence which proves her innocence. He has declared that examiners have shown the crime was committed by a right-handed person, while Darabi is left-handed. Despite Mr. Khoramshahi's requests to present this new evidence in court, the Judiciary has refused to provide a new trial and accordingly Darabi's sentence can be carried out at any moment.

Nazanin Afshin-Jam successfully launched a campaign that gave freedom to her 17-year old namesake, Nazanin Fatehi, who was sentenced to death in Iran for having stabbed one of three attackers who tried to rape her and her 15-year old niece. She has since launched, a campaign to put a permanent end to child executions.

"There are over 30 minors on death row in Iran," Nazanin said. "The Islamic Republic of Iran is the only country in the world that continues to officially execute minors and this must be stopped immediately. According to the United Nations, a child is a person under the age of 18. Despite the fact that the government of Iran has signed International Covenants that forbid them to execute anyone who has allegedly committed an offence before the age of 18, they continue to do so."

Nazanin Afshin-Jam has contacted the United Nations trying to gather support from government officials to pressure the Iranian government to abide by human rights law and urges the public for support: "Delara Darabi has no voice in prison, and no hope. This is our last chance to have her cries heard aloud."

Nazanin is asking people worldwide to go to to learn about Delara Darabi and the other minors on death row, and pay particular attention to the "what you can do section."

"It is not too late; your voice really can make a difference," Nazanin said. -Source:

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