Percussion Spins Off Lotus Tools Business

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WCM vendor Percussion Software has spun off its award-winning collaboration division to form a new company known as "Axceler." Axceler offers the largest selling Lotus Notes / Domino administrative product, and brought to market the industry's first Notes-centric real-time data integration solution, as well as the first Notes-based workflow

Percussion Software Spins Off Collaboration Division to Form "Axceler"

Newly-Independent Axceler Continues Its Award-Winning Focus On Administration and Development Tools for the IBM Notes / Domino Platform

WOBURN, MA - May 14, 2007 - Percussion Software, a leading developer of Web Content Management (WCM) software for multi-channel, customer-centric applications, today announced that it has spun off its award-winning collaboration division to create a new company, Axceler, which will be managed as an independent company with its own management team. Michael Alden, who has served as Percussion Software's President, will now bring his
extensive experience to his new role as President and CEO of Axceler. Barry Reynolds, one of the founders who started Percussion Software in 1994, will continue in his role as CEO of Percussion.

Axceler offers the largest selling Lotus Notes / Domino administrative product, and brought to market the industry's first Notes-centric real-time data integration solution, as well as the first Notes-based workflow product. Over the years the company has gained extensive insights into the Lotus customer base and the challenges that arise when managing
collaborative platforms. The company has always set the pace in delivering the industry's most comprehensive and proactive administration and development tools for the Notes / Domino platform.

The spin-off enables Axceler to continue to expand its mission to develop and deliver productivity tools for the Notes / Domino platform, with particular emphasis on administration, integration, and business process automation. Over 2,000 organizations worldwide rely on Axceler's innovative software products to reduce the time, costs, and effort required to manage their IBM Lotus Notes and Domino environments. Axceler's product portfolio has won 17 industry awards since 1999, including the Lotus Advisor Editors' Choice Award for Server Management Administration in 2006 and Lotus Advisor
Editors' Choice Silver Awards for Administration Tools and Data Integration in 2005. Percussion Software and Axceler will maintain separate but adjacent offices at 600 Unicorn Park, Woburn, Massachusetts.

"For many years, we were fortunate to have two successful businesses. Now each business will be better positioned to benefit from a single focus on its core strengths," said Percussion CEO Barry Reynolds. "We are confident that both Percussion and Axceler will be stronger as a result, and will continue to deliver award-winning software solutions for their respective customers and markets."

"Percussion's products have helped us in many ways, for example; proactively identifying security gaps, integrating Domino with other enterprise systems, and managing Domino on a day to day basis," said Application Development Supervisor, Kim Kiefer, Hendricks Regional Health. "We have relied on Percussion in the past and are excited to be working with Axceler in the future."

Axceler has a large and diverse customer base with products represented in over half of the G2000 and 33 of the Fortune 100 companies. Axceler global customers mirror the Lotus Notes installed base and include Coca-Cola, Proctor & Gamble, Target, FedEx, IBM, Bank of America, J.P. Morgan Chase, MasterCard International, CitiGroup, Toyota, DuPont, General Electric, Sony, Verizon, Time Warner and The New York Times.

"Axceler carries with it the culture, technology and people that made Percussion's tools division a leader over the past 13 years," said Axceler President and CEO Michael Alden. "Our product set has continually met the most pressing needs of both administrators and developers. Going forward, this will continue, as we plan to stay one step ahead, delivering the same quality software and services and enthusiastic customer support they have grown to expect from us. By becoming an independent company, we can more
closely focus our resources on the needs of our customers."

The company's product line for Lotus Domino includes ServerAdmin Plus, the most proactive and integrated solution for managing Lotus Domino servers and Lotus Notes clients; Notrix, which simplifies data integration by bringing relational data from other enterprise data sources into mission-critical Lotus Domino applications; PowerFlow, which enables easy addition of workflow logic to any Lotus Domino application; and Lyrix, which enables
rich content to be easily shared between Lotus Domino and other enterprise applications by converting the rich content elements into standard document formats.

Axceler and Percussion will maintain a close partnership relationship going forward and will continue to cooperate as appropriate to best meet the needs of joint customers. For example, organizations that have rich content stored in IBM Lotus Domino and want to leverage it for Web use find that Axceler's product Lyrix and Percussion's Rhythmyx, a Web Content Management system that enables enterprises to deliver dynamic information over the Web, are a natural fit.

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About Percussion Software

Percussion Software's family of practical software solutions enables customers to maximize both the value and quality of their enterprise content. The company's flagship product, Rhythmyx 6.5, is an enterprise-ready Web Content Management (WCM) system for creating
customer-centric business applications. Rhythmyx 6.5 enables organizations to achieve a higher return-on-content by delivering dynamic, frequently changing content to customers. Based on open standards, it provides organizations with a robust platform that allows customer-centric content to interoperate with other enterprise content, regardless of repository or ECM system. With Rhythmyx, content can be easily managed across multiple sites, multiple channels and multiple lines of business in order to ensure consistency of brand and customer experience.

Percussion's portfolio of customers includes Fortune 1000 as well as other global, industry and public sector leaders, including Armstrong World Industries,, BC Hydro,, Churchill Downs, Edmund Optics,, ING Direct, Kohl's, Tivo, Princess Cruises, Midway Games, Network World, Tate Museum, U.S. Departments of State, Health & Human Services and Justice,, The Washington Post, DLA Piper,
Alliance & Leicester, British Library, NSPCC, University of London and the Naval Post Graduate School.

Founded in 1994, Percussion Software is self-funded and profitable. More information can be found on the Web at

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