Linux supports Trolltech's Qtopia Greensuite initiative

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Trolltech®, the company that makes software faster to build and easier to use, today announced wide industry support for Qtopia® Greensuite which was announced earlier today.

The Qtopia Greensuite initiative actively addresses reducing a manufacturer's time to market and the technology fragmentation issues of today's Linux mobile phone market.

Technology leaders who specialize in key areas of an entire software set represent a global community united in delivering a pre-integrated software offering for Linux-based mobile phones. Trolltech is pleased to receive initial support from these leading companies for the Qtopia Greenphone initiative:

"As the leading cross-platform Web browser vendor, Opera Software believes in making software portable and easy to customize. The Qtopia Greensuite initiative from Trolltech means that manufacturers can take Linux-based devices faster to market and still exceed customer demands. The effort of pre-integrating a set of open technologies also helps combat fragmentation in the market place. We are excited to support this initiative."
Timo Bruns, EVP Business Development, Opera Software

"TapRoot has a long history of providing software to the smartphone industry. Over the past 6 years TapRoot has grown to become one of the largest independent providers of smartphone software solutions in North America. Trolltech's Qtopia Greensuite initiative has the best interest of the customer in mind; offering pre-integrated technology components for Linux devices."
Blane Rockafellow, TapRoot Founder and EVP Business Development

The Qtopia Greensuite initiative strengthens Trolltech's leading Linux position even further, since it will enable development of more feature-rich and high quality solutions in much shorter time, thus reducing the time to market significantly. We are very pleased with working together with Trolltech in providing our 100% SQL, multi-user, Mimer SQL database management system in Qtopia-based projects."
Magnus Hedencrona, CEO, Mimer

"With the Qtopia Greensuite initiative, Trolltech takes the hassle out of bringing fully featured multimedia Linux handsets to the market. For the end customer, just customize your MMI and go!"
Sulaiman Thompson, Beep Science CTO

"As the world's leading mobile open source provider of push email and mobile applications, Funambol shares the belief that a pre-integrated software solution will accelerate the adoption of Linux on mobile phones. The Qtopia Greensuite initiative makes Linux a more compelling mobile platform by opening it up to a global developer community and supporting open standards such as SyncML."
Fabrizio Capobianco, Funambol CEO.

"As the leading provider of intelligent interface solutions worldwide, Zi Corporation is totally committed to making life easier for all our customers - from the network operators and device manufacturers to the end users themselves. Trolltech is an ideal company to be pioneering the Qtopia Greensuite initiative, given its open sourceness, experience and understanding of the market and we are looking forward to standing shoulder to shoulder with them at ITU Hong Kong. Zi Corporation supports the Linux mobile development device Qtopia GreenphoneTM and sees the Qtopia Greensuite initiative as a considerable step forward by opening up software technology options for Linux-based mobile phones."
Milos Djokovic, President and CEO, Zi Corporation

"Trolltech's Greensuite initiative is great news for so many Linux based mobile handset developers, from smallest to largest. By pre-integrating open technologies like the Helixâ„¢ DNA Client universal multi-media framework with Qtopia Phone Edition development platform, and delivering an entire solution along with other world class applications all integrated for use with their new Greenphone, handset companies can lower their Linux phone development costs and get them into the hands of consumers quicker".
Jeff Ayars, VP Product Engineering, RealNetworks

"As the leading Linux supplier for the fast growing mobile market,MontaVista is fully committed to supporting Trolltech's Qtopia Greensuite initiative. With MontaVista's Mobilinux providing the underlying OS platform, Trolltech's Qtopia Phone Edition coupled with complimentary application and middleware components provided by its partners offers a compelling solution that will undoubtedly accelerate the time to market of next generation mobile devices."
Jim Ready, CTO, MontaVista Software

"Teleca is delighted to support Trolltech's Qtopia Greensuite initiative of creating pre-integrated technology choices for a Linux mobile phone device."
Göran Svennarp, Senior Marketing Director Teleca AB.

By Trolltech

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