Jordin Sparks Is The Youngest American Idol Winner

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One of the main question this morning is Who won the American Idol. The finale of the show was last night. American Idol title is taken, and the winner of American Idol is Jordin Sparks. She is really talented, she sings soulfully, she had 74 million votes of her fans, and now she is the winner. The American Idol Finale Video is available at the show's official site.

Jordin, 17, has been one of the fans of American Idol since she was 12 years old, and she was dreaming to participate in the show and become a winner of the American Idol. Her dream has come true, moreover, she is the Idol now, the new winner.

"I've just been trying to top myself each week," Sparks told The Associated Press. "I would sing my song and after I was done I was like, `OK, what am I going to do next week that's going to be ... either just as good or better."

After she sang "This Is My Now", which was picked up by the voters for the final performance.

When Jordin was announced the winner, she said: "Thank you so much for everything. Mom, Dad, I love you. Nana, Papa, P.J., thank you guys." She was shining on the stage and she looked very happy.

Jordin's rival was Blake Lewis, 25, a stylish beat-boxer guy known with his fresh approach to music and his hip-hop pas. He was very nice looking on the stage and he had a plenty of fans. Blake himselft was a fan of Jordin, he says, that she really deserved the crown.

"I picked Jordin Sparks at the top 24 as the American Idol winner," said Blake. "I was actually going to try to wear a `Vote for Jordin Sparks' T-shirt last night but they wouldn't let me do it."

Jordin Sparks has won a contract for recording CD as a part of American Idol title. Blake doesn't have a contract yet, but he's sure he's shined at the stage and someone will appreciate his talent. Blake talked about his future album's style - "like electro pop, very danceable."

The finale show was full of perfect performances and wows. Lots of beloved performers and American Idol past seasons' winners and this season's contestants took the stage and made their fans go crazy.

Gwen Stefani performed her new single "4 in the Morning" via satellite from Massachusetts. Smokey Robinson performed "Being with You", Bette Midler performed "The Wind Beneath My Wings", and Green Day performed "A Working Class Hero is Something to Be".

From past seasons of American Idol were invited first season winner Kelly Clarkson, who performed her new single "Never Again", fourth season Carrie Underwood who performed "I'll Stand by You".

Melinda Doolittle, 29, a professional backup singer, who was among final three contestants, performed "Hold Up the Line" with BeBe and CeCe Winans.

Millions of people are looking to watch the American Idol final video, even after the season finale. The final video of the American idol is available at the official website of American Idol, where you can also find more information about the winner of the American Idol and future competition.

American Idol became the U.S. most popular TV show with 30 million viewers a night and with the highest price for TV advertising $600,000 for 30 second. Its producers are planning a new reality show for autumn titled "The Search for the Next Great American Band".

By Ruzan Harutyunyan for HULIQ


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