Top Chemistry Discoveries of 2006

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In one of the season's first lists of top science stories of 2006, Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) - the ACS' weekly newsmagazine - unveils its selections of the year's most important discoveries in chemistry. Chemistry is an interdisciplinary science that covers fields ranging from astronomy to zoology.

On the 2006 list are discoveries in organic chemistry, carbohydrate chemistry, structural biology, nanotechnology, space chemistry and other fields. One of C&EN's picks in organic chemistry, for instance, was the development of new methods for making oseltamivir phosphate, the active ingredient in the antiviral drug, Tamiflu. New insights into the nature of comets and interstellar clouds got C&EN's nod in the space chemistry category.

In the article, scheduled for the Dec. 18 issue, senior correspondent Stu Borman explains the process that C&EN editors use to compile the annual list, which includes an evaluation of the novelty and breakthrough nature of individual scientific developments covered in C&EN's news stories.

"Efforts to identify the 'best' research developments are always fraught with difficulties," Borman notes. "Nevertheless, we believe the selections we make this year and every year are advances that will continue to shape the field of chemistry, both in the near term and for a good number of years into the future."

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