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What We Want More Than The iPhone

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is to have ideal weight!

Just how much many of us want to reach our ideal weight and be healthier?

As much or more than we want that new iPhone, according to a poll conducted on June 27 by (, a new social network and website for people trying to lose weight and get healthy.

In's poll of more than 1000 members of the Facebook community, 32-percent of respondents said they would rather reach their ideal goal weight compared to 30-percent who said they would most want to get an iPhone. Only 21-percent of respondents said they would most like to see Osama Bin Laden caught, while a mere seven percent most wanted to have dinner at the White House.

Of the women polled, 44-percent preferred to reach their ideal goal weight while only 23-percent desired the new iPhone.

"The desire to lose weight may be the only thing hotter than the iPhone right now," said Ken Seiff, CEO of "The Facebook community has the pulse of our culture right now, and this poll proves how top-of-mind the weight loss issue is today. is a social network for people trying to losing weight, so it made a lot of sense to gauge the demand for the resources we offer in the Facebook community --especially since they are now an open platform."

Launched earlier this week, is a new social network that aggregates the knowledge and insights of its members to help individuals reach healthy weight loss goals. marries resources that are essential for successful weight loss -- live support, innovative tracking tools and insights from respected health experts -- with a community that shares a common goal.

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