FBI Busts 600 In Child Prostitution Ring

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The FBI has nabbed over 600 adults and rescued 47 children is a huge three-day roundup of criminals who forced children into prostitution. These arrests mark one of the largest raids on large scale prostitution operations that ran through truck stops, call services, websites and casinos.

These prostitution rings were operational in 29 cities with 12 of them considered to be “large-scale” prostitution enterprises the FBI reported.

Children ranging in ages 13-17 were exploited by 73 pimps and 518 adult prostitutes. There were 46 girl children and one boy child who are now in protective custody. Local and state law enforcement officials assisted the FBI in busting up the illegal prostitution ring.

A total of 29 states were involved, stretching from Maryland to Nevada.

According to FBI Director John Pistole, the prostitution ring was very organized. Operating in networks of 6-10 pimps. The sting was part of a larger 5 year investigation that resulted in at least 10 of the rescued children being on the list for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Dubbed Operation Cross Country II, the successful operation has taken many children off the streets as prostitutes and returned to their families. The FBI only becomes involved in child prostitution cases like these if they cross state lines.

"Sex trafficking of children remains one of our most violent and unconscionable crimes in this country," says FBI Deputy Director John Pistole. "Despite our many challenges, those who exploit children should know that they will be brought to justice."

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