IBM, APC Partner to Create Energy Efficient Green Data Center for Bryant University

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IBM Scalable Modular Data Center Solution Assures University Will Be Technologically Ready for Expansion and Growth

IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced on July 13 that it has implemented the IBM Scalable Modular Data Center at Bryant University, in order to meet the school's technology requirements of its growing enrollment while simultaneously being energy conscious by implementing a "green data center." The IBM Scalable Modular Data Center is a cost saving, energy efficient solution that was rapidly deployed as a pre-engineered data center, using IBM Global Services' capabilities, coupled with APC's InfraStruXure® data center architecture.

In addition to these services, Bryant replaced their Sun Microsystems hardware infrastructure with IBM Power processor-based BladeCenter servers running Linux and IBM virtualization software technology, driving higher utilization rates and helping save energy costs. These technologies are part of Project Big Green, a plan which IBM recently announced to help clients sharply reduce data center energy consumption.

Founded in 1863, Smithfield, R.I.-based Bryant University has a history of excellence and innovation, both academically and technologically. The university prides itself on being wired with "one port per pillow" in each of its dorm rooms, but as the university was growing, its three data centers were not able to handle enterprise information technology (IT) for either communication or computing. After years of working with both IBM and APC, Bryant University learned about their alliance and turned to them to create this new solution.

"In the past 10 years, Bryant University has added 144,000 square feet of new facilities and has experienced a 300 percent rise in applications," said Arthur Gloster, CIO of Bryant University. "We were not properly set up to handle this growth and it was time for Bryant University to make a cost-saving and energy efficient change. The IBM Scalable Modular Data Center solution allows us to concentrate on continuing to provide the student body, faculty and staff with the tools necessary to succeed."

Bryant University CIO Arthur Gloster (left) and Director of Computer Services Richard Siedzik stand in the University's new energy efficient 'green data center.' IBM and APC teamed to build the data center for Bryant -- one of the most wired campuses in the world -- which will power the latest technology for Bryant's students, faculty, and staff, while being environmentally friendly.

The Scalable Modular Data Center service product is available from IBM's Site and Facilities Services business unit. IBM's data center design and build experience and services expertise are utilized to bring the solution to clients. Scalable Modular Data Center services include data center strategy, data center design, server and storage integration, relocation planning, project management, infrastructure equipment sourcing, installation services and management, data center testing and start-up management. The entire solution can be implemented in eight to 12 weeks and is 15 percent less expensive than traditional data center builds.

"IBM's long history and expertise with data center implementations enabled us to create a solution to save energy and ensure efficient server performance for Bryant University," said Steven Sams, vice president of IBM Global Site and Facilities Services. "IT departments won't be as concerned with growing energy costs when selecting the IBM Scalable Modular Data Center solution, which provides an efficient, reliable and secure data center."

The IBM Scalable Modular Data Center solution uses the APC InfraStruXure design, which integrates power, cooling, rack, management, services and security, allowing for selection of standardized components to create a solution through modular configurations. By using standardized components, the architecture easily scales to meet the evolving needs of the university.

"Bryant University is the beneficiary of what happens when two leading companies combine to create the best of both worlds," said Dave Johnson, senior vice president and chief sales officer at APC-MGE. "IBM and APC have created an energy efficient solution that addresses Bryant's current and future IT needs. By adopting a scalable, modular approach to building its new data center, the university also realized increased speed in system design and deployment. This enabled the university to move quickly from design to commissioning the system." -IBM

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