Great Wall Gwperi finally ruled as copy of Fiat Panda

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A Turin appeals court last week made the final ruling that prevents a minicar GWPeri, manufactured by China's Great Wall Motor, from being imported into Europe, Fiat China company said to Nanfang Daily yesterday.

A local court in Turin said in its ruling on 16 July, "the Gwperi does not look like a different car but is a Fiat Panda with a different front end." The court has ruled that the vehicle will not be allowed into Europe and also ordered Great Wall Motor to pay 15,000 euros (US$23,553) in penalty.

Another 50,000 euros will be charged on each model if the company continues to bring the car to Europe. Great Wall Motor appealed against the ruling immediately. In the final ruling, the Turin appeals court also upheld fines issued against Great Wall in July by the lower court.

"Gwperi is never expected to be introduced to Europe," Great Wall Motor spokesman Shang Yugui said. Earlier, he was quoted many times as saying that Turin's ruling is unfair and its only aim is to protect Italy's own auto industry, as they are afraid the launch of Great Wall Gwperi may hurt the sales of Fiat Panda."

The ruling will not affect Gwperi exports to other countries, Shang added.

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