BYD F3DM electric hybrid car goes on sale

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BYD, the upstart Chinese company best-known for making cell-phone batteries, began selling its F3DM hybrid electric car today in the Chinese market, said As the country's first mass-produced electric hybrid vehicle, the car is expected to retail for 149,800 yuan ($21,200) in China and will make its way to the U.S. in 2010.

After five years of innovation and development, BYD has brought its F3DM electric hybrid technology to maturity. The F3DM model is equipped with the world's first dual hybrid power system, for the driver to switch between EV and HEV modes. The F3DM is capable of traveling 100km (62 miles) on electric power provided by the battery to meet daily driving needs. In contrast, the dual-mode electric models of GM and Toyota can travel only 25km without recharging.

As China’s first-mass-produced electric hybrid car and BYD's latest flagship model, the F3DM will be attached with a new blue BYD label specially designed for BYD new-energy cars. The electric hybrid F3DM has been approved for production and sale by China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) - the state regulator of China's auto industry. The Chinese government is encouraging automakers to make clean-energy vehicles.

DM stands for Dual Mode, and refers to the combination of an electric drive system and a hybrid system, BYD Auto explained. The automaker is offering drivers the choice of being able to either refuel the hybrid system or simply plug the vehicle into any 220 volt electrical outlets to recharge the battery for the car's electric motor.

Today, BYD Auto launched its F3DM electric hybrid car to the Chinese market only, selling it for about 149,800 yuan. The Chinese automaker has said it will export its F3DM to the United States by 2010. The F3DM electric hybrid model is set to make its global debut at the Detroit auto show next month.

BYD are also planning to launch other DM vehicles over the next few years, including SUVs and MPVs which will follow the design of the current F3DM. The company said it will launch an 'all-electric' BYD F3 and BYD E6 in 2009.

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The GM model being the volt will reportedly do 40 miles (64km) on a single charge. A bit of research please.... the Volt is still 2 years away, so BYD have a great head start and are financially in a much better position than GM.

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