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Chrysler in tie-up talks with Great Wall Motor

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Hot on the heels of ending up cooperation with Chery, Chrysler is busy in talks with China’s another automaker Great Wall Motor on cooperation projects, said.

Philip Murtaugh, Chrysler Asia CEO, went to inspect Great Wall Motor’s facility last week to look into the code-named CH041 model and CH031 hatchback, which were rumored to be the A-class model co-developed by Great Wall Motor and Chrysler. It is reported that Murtaugh was satisfied with the two models.

Great Wall Motor said the two parties will launch “CH031” first if the projects fare well. The two automakers are still in talks and any changes could be possible, said Great Wall Motor.

The report says that the co-developed models, if mass-produced, will go on sale in overseas markets with the Chrysler label.

Losing the potential partner Chery, the troubled American auto giant Chrysler may be more cautious and open to cooperate with Great Wall Motor.

A Chrysler China executive said Chrysler was in a transitional period since it dropped out of Daimler AG's joint venture (BBDC) with Beijing Auto, but the company posted fast increase in its Chinese business with sales in the first ten months doubled from last year.

Although Chrysler American headquarters is in desperate need for government help to avoid bankruptcy, Chrysler China still keeps in close talks with some Chinese companies as part of its effort to build a long and stable partnership in China.

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