10 percent off at Newegg, using MasterPass and coupon code

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Giant computer, electronics, and video game retailer Newegg.com has a 10 percent off Coupon Code to use as you check out of the site with MasterPass from MasterCard.

The coupon code is "MASTERPASS." Newegg.com charges sales tax in California, New Jersey, and Tennessee.

To be clear, the total savings available on this deal is $50, meaning the best you can do is get 10 percent off of a $500 purchase. Note also that this coupon code will not apply to combo items, free gift deals, or stack with other coupons. It expires on Dec. 21, giving users plenty of time to shop.

What exactly is MasterPass and does it mean that you need to check out with a Mastercard? No, it does not. Instead, it is similar to PayPal or even V.me by Visa. Both of those services allow users to check out with a payment card of their choice, and not necessarily (in the case of Masterpass or V.me) with a Mastercard or Visa card.

Mastercard introduced Masterpass in February of this year. The company had announced PayPass nearly a year before, and said MasterPass was an evolution of it.

Ed Olebe, Group Head, MasterPass Services, MasterCard, said at the time:

Consumers will now shop and pay in whatever way best fits their needs and lifestyles, from every device they have. MasterPass gives them the ability to make a payment from wherever they are, with one simple experience.

We think merchants want to create their own unique shopping experiences, their own apps...and the idea here is, we want to offer services that make it easy for those merchants to plug in payments into those apps they create.

From whatever device, whether it’s your phone, your tablet, whatever -- why can’t you buy ... in a location that makes the most sense to you? MasterPass really is this technology ... that enables these different types of shopping experiences.

Newegg.com is offering a number of deals during the holiday shopping season. Despite the fact that the coupon does not stack, it's quite possible it could provide substantial savings to customers of the Internet retailer, or etailer.

Monday, Dec. 9 is Green Monday, which is yet another "special retailer day" during the post-Thanksgiving shopping season.