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iTunes 8 on Windows Vista Causing BSODs

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I've warned about being an early adopter before, but I never figured an iTunes update to be one of the perpetrators. Users at Apple's support forum are reporting that iTunes 8 on Windows Vista (either 32- or 64-bit) will cause a BSOD when a device (iPod, nano, iPhone) is connected.

The thread is pretty long, and pretty clear: it seems to be a consistent crash, with many users reporting it. And, since an Apple employee (royb, search the thread) has responded on the thread, it's apparent that Apple isn't just admitting the issue, it's looking into it.

The crash is occurring in usbaapl.sys. Users have worked around the issues in various ways:

  • Turning off their HP Printer
  • Disconnecting their HP Printer
  • Removed Logitech Setpoint software

There's also this reported workaround:

If you are getting the BSOD when you put you Iphone or Ipod touch and have just installed itunes 8 try this:

Remove iPhone/Touch from your computer. reboot into vista. Go to control panel / programs and features. Uninstall Apple Mobile Device support. Reboot. Download Itunes 7.7. using winzip or winrar open the iTunesSetup.exe extract AppleMobileDeviceSupport.msi.

Double click on AppleMobileDeviceSupport.msi and install it. Connect iphone/touch into computer. Computer will recognize iphone/touch with out a BSOD and itunes should now see it.

More fun. If you uninstall 8 and reinstall, you may get a ".itl file has been saved by a newer version of iTunes" error and be stuck.

To fix that, you have to open the ITL file in Notepad (with iTunes CLOSED) and delete the entire contents, then save the ITL file. When iTunes starts it will report that the file is corrupt and then rebuild it from the XML file.

Or, you could do what I am going to do: wait until this is all sorted out. I'm not sure I want to chance all these issues. I have an HP printer, and while it's networked, not USB, I'm not sure what's going to happen with its drivers and iTunes 8.

Let's hope Apple sorts this out soon. And as "bryankaras" says in the discussion thread (surprised Big Brother, I mean the moderators, didn't delete it):

Apple, you're looking more and more unstable as 2008 progresses. I'm not trying to be a jerk, but today's press conference was absolutely unnecessary; these were minor product line changes, not something worth throwing an "event." Please invest more in QA and less in these events. They're great when you introduce a new produce (sic), i.e. iPhone... but a new version of old software and minor changes in your music players? Not a press event.

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