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Apple "Fixes" iTunes 8 Windows Vista BSOD

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I wrote earlier about the problems faced by many users of Windows Vista with the latest version of iTunes ( Apple went so far as to have an employee jump into the support forums to address the issue, which generally means they're admitting there's a problem --- not something they frequently do.

Apple has created a Knowledge Base article about the issue. Basically users need to uninstall Apple Mobile Device Support and then iTunes --- and then re-install iTunes 8, with the new download (released on Friday) on their site. Strangely, the version of iTunes is still

It probably would have been a good idea to modify the version number to reduce confusion.

At the time of the crash, I noted that the crash occurred in usbaapl.sys. It appears that what Apple did was to "fix" the issue by rolling back the driver to an older version. Although the date of thew "fixed" version is "newer," the version number is older.

Oh, and because of this, you can't simply install the re-released version on top of an already existing install --- you indeed have to follow Apple's instructions, or the driver will not be updated. It figures, since the release contains an older driver, that it would not overwrite the newer one.

It looks like a stopgap measure until they fix usbaapl.sys with whatever the real fix is. There's probably some functionality missing that Apple would really love us to have (who knows if we want that or not), but I'd much rather have no BSOD.


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I am just learning about my iphone 3G, and never had ITunes until I got the phone, so am a bit of a novice. Question -- if I were to uninstall the Mobile Device Support and my current iTunes, and then install the new iTunes, would I need to re-do all of my information regarding my internet connection in the iPhone? thanks for being a website I can read, kind of understand, and ask a question!!!! RS

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