Quentin Patrick Arrested in Halloween Tragedy

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Quentin Patrick, 22, from Sumter, SC. Keep that name in mind. When you think of Halloween, and perhaps gun rights in the coming months, think of him. Patrick has been arrested on charges of murdering a 12-year-old trick-or-treater.

Quentin Patrick is a convicted felon, with several past drug convictions. Now he is facing a murder charge, along with two counts of assault and battery with intent to kill.

The girlfriend of Quentin Patrick, Ericka Patrice Pee, 19, faces charges of obstruction of justice after she tried to leave the home following the shooting with a 2-year-old child and $7,500 in cash.

According to the police, Quentin Patrick (perhaps in a drug-induced state, though it is unclear) feared a robbery, and as 12-year-old Tony "T.J." Darrisaw and his 9-year-old brother Ahmadre and father Freddie Grinnell walked up to the porch, shot 30 times through the door with an AK-47 assault rifle.

T.J. died later at a hospital, while his father and brother suffered non-life-threatening wounds. Horrifyingly, his mother had been waiting in a car for the trick-or-treaters.

Besides the question of how a convicted felon like Quentin Patrick would be able to get a gun period, there's also the question of how he managed to get his hands on an assault rifle.

Sumter, SC is a city of about 40,000 people 45 miles east of Columbia. In the aftermath, neighbors of Quentin Patrick expressed their shock.

Vivian Johnson, 81, said Saturday:

"I just hate it that that little kid got killed. It used to be the quietest place. I knew everybody and everybody knew me."

Joseph T. McElveen, mayor of Sumter, SC said:

"Most times you can find an explanation no matter how strange or twisted it is. Right now we have no explanation. Sumter's certainly not a violent town but we're not isolated to having tragedies like this happen. It doesn't make it any better."

And here's a quote that brings to mind just how Halloween has changed. After all, kids used to be able to go trick-or-treating without their parents. Now, even with their parents, with people like Quentin Patrick around, is that even possible?

County Councilman Charles Edens lives just a few blocks away from where the shooting happened:

"It's going to put a dampening on Halloween. I would think twice about going to a door that we don't know who lives behind."


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
What do gun rights have to do with a convicted felon having an illegal gun (Iria)? We are talking about someone who has no right to posses a firearm. This idiot obviously didn't get his gun legally. He was most certainly a drug dealer who feared being robbed by other criminals. That he was involved in this trade is obvious from the amount of money found on his fleeing girlfriend. Who carries around that much cash? I hope he gets the most severe penalty possible.

Submitted by Andreano (not verified) on
Now the media says he thought they were robbers. How can this be? So sad for the family, so sad to hear this story

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Iria, with your shameless anti gun rhetoric during a tragedy. Much like the Brady morons handing out anti gun literature right after the tragic Virginia Tech killings. How about giving some sympathy to the family members on this sensless murder instead of trying to shove your polictical views down readers throats.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
This is a tragic story and my condolences to the family for their loss. Nothing is more precious than the life of human beings. I must say though that I find it irresponsible of Huliq news to call the AK 47 an assault rifle. An assault rifle is a machine gun or any small arms that is fully automatic and I find it a despicable and biased act of journalists that incorrectly refer to the AK as an assault rifle.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Are you Kidding, what is an AK-47 then? It is the weapon of Choice for many Military. I would Also consider an M4 and an M-16 assault rifles. An assault rifle is not "any small arms that is fully automatic." AN UZI or MP5 are both automatic but are considered sub machine guns. Furthermore there are many Assault Rifles that fire in burst or single shot-mode. If it is not for assault purposes why would it have the capability to fire over 29 shots most likely from a banana clip? Hunting?

Submitted by G-Dog (not verified) on
It's stories like this that fill me with rage. I would love nothing more to be left alone with Quentin Patrick for a few hours. Death is too good for this guy.

Submitted by Wes (not verified) on
He thought he was being robbed ? I doubt it. Drug related ? Yea, meth makes you paranoid. Did he think Obama had showed up to take his guns ? You can thank the NRA for that. Ive read the literature. Did the racism that has become so popular among Whites in SC since Obama was on the Democratic ticket have any influence ? Can anyone say White Trash. Did the guy watch Fox News ? The media outlet for the Divided States, Federalist, Evangelical, Greed machine, racist, Republican Party. This is the November Surprise of the 2008 election, or I should say the end result of it. Damn right it has political implications. It's a sad event, my thoughts go out to the family. I'll be voting Democrat, to help put an end to this kinda madness. Im betting white preachers blame it on the satanic holiday "Halloween", funny preachers never take blame for what they do, dividing people into catagories of good and bad. Demonizing anyone different from them. Welcome to South Carolina! Closed minded capitol of the world.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
This isn't a RACIST situation, so why are you spouting off something about Racism, Wes??? Why is it that people ALWAYS have to play the racist card??? I'm white, yes, but I don't sit around saying "OMG this is a racist scenario!" It's a senseless tragedy and yes, if we had better gun laws, then this type of situation wouldn't happen. It doesn't matter WHAT color a person is, this is HORRIBLE for those parents and that little boy. My heart goes out to them.

Submitted by Virus8778 (not verified) on
this happened on a cultural American society on trick-o-treating cant believed this crap happened when a young kid all just wanted a candy and received bullets instead, that took his life away and now hes dead, this guy deserve the Capital Punishment for killing a young boy, and injured his family and other kids, Death Penalty for him... Votes: 1/100


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