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Mumbai Terrorist Tech Surprises Indian Authorities

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This week, as spectators around the world either watched TV news, tracked Twitter feeds, read blogs and sites in horror as the Mumbai terrorist attacks unfolded, the terrorists themselves were tech'ed up in order to track the police response themselves.

While police and the military were impressed by the arsenal carried by the terrorists, they were also impressed by the technology they carried as well. According to reports from multiple sites, backpacks carried the Mumbai terrorists showed multiple BlackBerry handsets. Read more about Mumbai events.

A typical move in such a standoff is to cut the TV feeds to buildings, shutting down any information feed the attackers may have to track government response. But in Mumbai the terrorists used their BlackBerrys to surf the web and keep track of police movements and global reaction to the attacks, according to analysis of the recovered devices.

And something police and the military need to remember in the future, is that these aren't guerillas using sticks or something to attack. If they can get their hands on an AK-47, they can get their hands on a BlackBerry, more easily in fact. Reports are the police were surprised that the terrorists had Blackberrys, but they shouldn't be.

However, while terrorists used their BlackBerrys to help themselves, so did survivors. According to reports, Amit Gupta used his own BlackBerry to keep track of things once the cable feed was cut off from the Oberoi Trident Hotel. He survived a 42-hour ordeal, all told, and despite it all, is going back to work on Monday.

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