Job Loss Leads to Death of 7 in Murder - Suicide

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In a horrific murder-suicide, Ervin Anthony Lupoe shot and killed his wife and five young children, then took his own life Tuesday, in apparent despair after the couple lost their medical technician jobs at Kaiser Permanente in W. Los Angeles.

Ervin Lupoe even faxed a suicide note to KABC-TV (redacted letter here), a Southern California TV station.

"So after a horrendous ordeal my wife felt it better to end our lives and why leave our children in someone's (sic) else's hand's, in addition it seems Kiaser (sic) Permanente want's (sic) us to kill ourselves and take our family with us," Ervin Lupoe wrote in the letter.

That statement from Ervin Lupoe regarding Kaiser Permanente appears to stem from a different part of the letter, where he says his adminstrator said to him "you should not even had (sic) bothered to come to work today you should have blown your brains out."

While the fax seemed to assert that the mother, Ana Lupoe had planned the killings of the family, police Lt. John Romero said Ervin Lupoe was the main suspect, as a revolver was found next to his body and Ana Lupoe's body was found in an upstairs bedroom with the bodies of the couple's twin boys, Benjamin and Christian, 2.

At the same time, the bodies of Brittney Lupoe, 8 and twin girls Jazmin and Jassely Lupoe, 5, were found alongside Ervin Lupoe's in another bedroom.

All were shot in the head.

Tuesday afternoon, Kaiser Permanente issued a statement:

"We are deeply saddened to hear of the tragic deaths of Ervin Lupoe and his wife and family. Our sympathies are with all of their extended family and friends at this time. Ervin Lupoe and his wife are former employees of Kaiser Permanente West Los Angeles Medical Center."

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