ALDI Grocery Chain Issues Peanut Butter Product Recall

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ALDI, short for "ALbrecht DIscount," has its Cambridge cheese crackers with peanut butter and Grandessa peanut butter cookies as a precautionary measure against salmonella.

As you likely know, many products have been recalled over contaminated peanut butter or peanut paste included in them, although no peanut butter per se has been recalled; the salmonella issue afects only products made with peanut butter.

The peanut butter recall has even reached pet food.

In this case, ALDI has two suppliers of the aforementioned products, one of whom is Kellogg's. Since Kellogg's has already many products over the salmonella scare, ALDI felt it was prudent to make its own recall.

This is despite the fact that no ALDI products have been linked to any salmonella infections.

According to ALDI, in terms of the Cambridge cheese crackers, you can tell the difference between the two manufacturers by looking at the net weight on the front of the package of crackers. A net weight of 7.44 oz (210 grams) was produced by Kellogg's while a net weight of 7 1/3 oz (208 grams) was produced by the second manufacturer.

Interesting: those who buy packages produced by the second, unnamed manufacturer get 2 grams less. Hmmm.

A safer precaution: return any of them; don't bother looking for the weight info.

ALDI Consumer Affairs may be reached at 630-761-2740.

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