Will Susan Boyle Be the Biggest Internet Video Hit Ever?

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Susan Boyle. I think if you haven't been under a rock for the last week you know who she is. She exploded on the scene this week when she appeared on Britain's Got Talent, and despite being judged by her cover, simply wowed the audience and the judges. Videos of her are so popular, forget the word viral, they're pandemic. Can Susan Boyle become the biggest YouTube hit ever?

Problem is, it's hard to judge. There are so many videos on YouTube, many of the same thing, you'd really have to add related videos up. For example, search for Susan Boyle and sort by views, and you'd see the first three videos alone top 43 million views. And that's not even including other video sites (like MySpace, below).

Visible Measures, which tracks videos across various sites, has tne answer for us, at least as of Friday:

We have identified well over 200 unique videos (!!) related to Susan's performance. These clips have generated more than 47.7 million views (!!) and 125,000+ comments (!!). Did we mention that she did this in less than one (!!) week?

With interviews of the 47-year-old Scottish singer coming out by the bunches, the story, and its correlating viral video views, appear only to be getting larger by the day. The videos attracted 7.5 million views on Wednesday alone. Yesterday, that figure jumped to nearly 14 million (!!).

Look at the graph attached to this post. In less than a week, Susan Boyle has topped some heavy hitters: Bush vs. Shoes (33.2 million views). Tina Fey's mpression of Sarah Palin and Amy Poehler's Hillary Clinton (34.2 million), and President Obama's victory speech on election night (18.5 million).

No, there's little doubt that Susan Boyle will at the very least, get a record contract and a tour out of this. Will she be the biggest viral video star of all time? Quite possibly, and it's only been a week.

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