Calif. Investigates Two Possible Swine Flu Deaths

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While it appears reports of confirmed swine flu in Florida were incorrect, there is now a report that the Los Angeles Country coroners office is investigating two recent deaths for a possible link to swine flu.

Confirmed swine flu cases have been discovered in California. If these deaths are linked to swine flu, these If confirmed, the cases would constitute the first swine flu deaths in the United States.

To this point, only Mexico has had any deaths related to swine flu, more than 150 at this point. The United States has seemingly been lucky, with most cases not even hospitalized. The total number of cases in the United States has now reached 67, however.

According to the LA Times, the two cases are as follows:

1) Bellflower Medical Center reported the death of a 33-year Long Beach resident Monday afternoon from symptoms resembling swine flu. An autopsy will be performed to establish the cause of death.

2) A 45-year-old man from La Mirada, whose death was reported Monday to the coroner's office. The man died April 22 at Coast Plaza Doctor's Hospital in Norwalk.

Doctors had said the man died of pneumonia but the L.A. County Health Department refused to accept the death certificate signed by a private physician, instead referring the case to the coroner's office, which will conduct further investigation.

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